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  1. So I have some Argentavis that I’ve used a paintbrush to custom paint features on (one is a red Argy painted to look like a Macaw) and I was just curious if they will retain this when transfered to another server or if they’ll only keep their base color and lose any customizations.
  2. Bump. Still need help please
  3. I feel like a complete idiot for having to ask this but I literally haven’t been able to find the answer to this anywhere: is ASM only for hosting servers for PC? I have a PC version of ARK but my friends and I play only on PS4. We used to play on an unofficial server, and we did for a very long time but about a few weeks ago the server just stopped existing and none of us know who admins it. I’m desperately looking for a way to host my own unofficial server but I can’t afford to pay the monthly fee for a hosting service. I have a spare windows computer that no one uses that I can run ASM on but if it’s only for PC then it won’t be worth my time. If it can be configured for PS4 can someone please walk me through that? And if not, is there another service that I can use that will do what I’m looking for (without a monthly fee)?
  4. So I have a base that overlooks a waterfall. I set up some platforms along the sides of the waterfall for my flying Dinos to sit on and bellow them is a small pond I have gated off. I put two Sarcos in the pond on aggressive to kill the piranhas that spawn and to feed themselves. Only problem is they seem to be stacking a ton of fish meat yet they still eat out of the feeding trough I placed for the fliers. Is there a way to set them to eat the meat out of their inventory first before they dig into the food I set aside for the others?
  5. So the new patch just debuted today and S+ comes to console... perfect! My PC has been acting up and i can’t afford to fix it at the moment so I’ve been super invested in ark on PS4. The building so far has been a lot more limited but with S+ being released today I got my hopes up. Fence support looks so promising, especially for building large scale buildings on uneven flooring or even making cool angles in buildings, just one problem... I can’t seem to get them to snap straight. I must’ve spent an hour positioning myself in God knows how many angles to try and snap it and I probably got it to snap in every angle imaginable except straight. After doing some research, it’s not surprise there aren’t many forums explaining this since it was just released to console today. I know PC has “G” to force them to snap straight, just curious if there’s a console equivalent. The patch notes don’t really clarify this.
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