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  1. i have abou 1200 chibis and not all of them ._.
  2. extincion drops are the best way
  3. absi1909

    Corruptet Dinos

    Corruptet Dinos We have the problem on PVE server that people are when you are making drop or vein they are bulling corruptet Petri, Wyvern or other Dinos too your base that they are destroing the bases an he can loot all of them. We are playing on PVE that we mus't building for PVP that you can get raidet on the server. Is ther a possibillity too change it?? @Cedric @StudioWildcard
  4. absi1909

    Tek Quetz

    Tek Quetz Hello, i have a Problem with my Tek Quetz babys are die with meat in the inventory (starved to death). It's the second in 2 Days.
  5. I think when its coming to an wipe the most of the old gamers going and don't playing anymore
  6. absi1909

    Tek binoculars

    that's an nice idea
  7. Maybe it's a goof idea too farm drops on extincion with an good giga
  8. This is a very good idea. This would be very nice
  9. Sear glaub das werden wenig verstehen da hier fats alles Englisch geschrieben wird. aber es gibt die gleichen probleme mit den PVE Servern
  10. but it's very difficult too get an element dust gacha
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