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  1. Are fertilized eggs transferable? Sooo ive been playing ark for awhile now and awhile ago (right after the last Easter event) I lost all my stuff to a transfer "glitch" and now im a bit scared to transfer xD, but today i made a great deal with someone and it includes transfering my two fave owls to his server. But in the end i get eggs so yay! But I was talking to a couple of "bigger" players on my server who switch all the time (I havent switched to a dif serv since I lost all my stuff xD)! and they told me fert eggs spoil when switched, and your player gets wiped due to this update. I really want these eggs but im concerned xD! Anyway is there still a problem with transfering and can fert eggs switch server to server, or are they just raptoring with me? Id like to know so I dont lose my stuff when im finally doing good again. Im on PS4 official Rag PvE, the eggs are lvl 200 up Snow Owls (5 eggs) Im taking food, a Owl saddle, and two lvl 200 male owls. Ignore the spelling errors if there are any, Im not 9 years old just on a crappy cracked phone d:
  2. It hasn’t been patched where I play fam.
  3. Looking for tribe members Hi so I’ve been thinking about this for awhile now.and still dk If this is the right place to post, but anyyywaayy. I’ve been playing ark for over a year now and decided I’d like to finally find some tribe mates. I’ve had tribe mates before but I get in fights with them and they’ve all been under 13 causing a lot of my Dino’s die. after I kicked out my 13-year-old tribe mates I just haven’t invited any one else in there except for one person I plan on kicking him out because he’s not the smartest 11 year old either. But I would just like to find someone who is smart and actually can keep a Dino alive for over at least a week or so.I love tickle chickens and I breed them a lot it’s just a lot of my tribe mates have just killed them like their nothing and it hurts because tickle chickens take a lot of time to tame so I’d like to try to find someone who gets on as much as I do as I am in high school and I’m busy so I’d like to try to find someone who gets on and helps me raise babies, feed our dinosaurs and help me build and do stuff. I have just restarted just a bit ago so I don’t have very many dinosaurs at the moment but I have been raising tickle chickens. I play on PVE Ragnarok official PS4. I do have a lot of rules because I just don’t trust lotta people but I am a girl and I have played many other games and I know you boys like to harass girls on here I’ve been harassed before so if you do harass me I’m kicking you out like right away sorry for being a Karen. I don’t get on here very much so send a message to xroyal_moonx on ps4. IM NOT JOINING TRIBES! I do use mic sometimes I just feel like I’m boring lol I do have personally owned personally riden on, once I trust you I will put it on personally owned tribe ridden. y
  4. So update I made friends with one of the guys doing it by talking to them on a party. We seem good now, he has replaced my doed and beaver with a higher level ones and we do trade a lot now and have talked In party a few times just for fun. But who knows that might just be his little game. He did tell me it wasn’t just him annoyed it was two other people. Today I log on to half my Dino’s over my walls again, yes I have been putting as many ceilings as possible but first I have to finish my walls. But today this person was just trying to play with me as he threw my Dino’s allll around the map, and he only killed my lower level tickle chicken. I have a swimmer now so hopefully that saves them from the sharks but now that he’s throwing them all over idk what to do anymore, even if I do get ceilings up he’s prolly going to bring alpha Wyverns to my base, but if it comes to that I’m sorry ark admins I’m fighting back. I’ve recently bought 4 gasbags and I know how to handle alphas this won’t be my first rodeo. Maybe if you guys actually read tickets your community wouldn’t be poop. Thanks all the people for taking time and helping me.
  5. That’s a great idea I didn’t think about that, ty!
  6. Anyway to ban someone? Hi this is my first time posting here lol. so I’ve been playing ark for a year now, and it’s been great, everyone’s been kind and I just thought everyone on this community were just overall great out going people. Till I joined this server. during the Easter event I lost all my dinos in a glitch after that I just stopped playing for a few months, I came back and the server I was on went from empty and chill to just packed and laggy so I switched. At first everyone was super nice, I got my base up and my Dino’s up again. Then I logged on one day and everything was dead “killed by a shark”, I was in complete shock and highly confused about how they all got over my base walls in which was higher then 10 walls. I just thought it was a glitch took a week break and got more Dino’s again. Today someone was struggling so I offered to help them tame a Rex, he accepted and we just chatted on chat while getting supply’s. That when a really big player got on the chat and told us to shut up, I apologized and said “I’m sorry just ten more mins and I’ll be done fam, but keep in mind this is a PUBLIC chat.” He got mad and said “someone wants there Dino’s dead again” so I just said “Oof” trying to keep out of a fight. Next thing I know my Dino’s start popping up dead on my screen “killed by a shark” I panicked and was lucky my base was near by I flew back only to see someone on a gasbags sprinting away, he had my baby tickle chicken over my now 15 wall high base In the water, my doedic and my beaver in which already got killed. I chased the gasbag and the user of the person was the person who told me to shut up. I got mad and ranted on chat,he confirmed he did it and mocked me “this is a public chat lol” my friends tried to help me but he attacked them too and now everyone hates me pls help lol :l I was only able to save my baby chicken I lost both the only resource Dino’s I had, he then began to tell me he’d be back, lol my Dino’s live in a thatch box rn. i am on official pve ps4 server is there anyway to talk to a ark admin or something? Please help I don’t want to keep starting over and I finally have a big base.
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