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  1. If I plan to do anything that has to make me leave base is already a major annoyance with a full craftin char
  2. I've heard of people managing more than 1 character in the same account & server. It has to do with the upload and poop I htink
  3. Can you have 2 characters in the same account / server? Is there a way to do it so you can have a crafting character?
  4. if I transfer with items on me and download the character will I be naked and lost everything?
  5. Wait how do I overwrite without deleting my character?
  6. Can't tranfer cross ARKs. I play SmallTribes. I'm playing Small Tribes and I wanted to switch server to scout in the morning and I press "Join with survivor" and NOTHING happens. I thought it was ARK being ARK so I waited for 5 hours, wanted to go do a boss fight in the island, press "Join with Survivor" NOTHING again. I can't leave my server is that it? I'm the only one with this problem in my tribe, it was fine before the update yesterday. How can Wildcard raptor the game up every single update? Month ago got character wiped and received nothing back, now im raptoring stuck in my own server after update, nice raptoring game
  7. Khilandros can I get an unban from discord? I posted a video of people exploiting mek to raid me while I watched it live and got banned for exposing exploits, even though that was not what I intended. I was a very active trader in that discord. If possible please unban me. SteelHard#0897
  8. Managarmr, easy to tame, can breed and you can travel, pve, pvp, tame titans, etc with it
  9. cryosickness lasts 5 minutes but they can be unconscious for A LOT longer depending on their torpor
  10. I lost my character a few weeks ago but it was only lvl 99 so i just lvled it again, i heard the mods can now give tek engrams back aswell
  11. So if your tribe has 500 dinos out without being in Cryo you get wiped?
  12. I find extinction awesome because there's a lot more content there, easier to reach tek due to element veins, OSD's are actually hard as a solo player so you need to strategize properly, etc
  13. Please update PvP SmallTribes 71 and PvP SmallTribes 69
  14. just mesh everyone in the server and you'll have eveyrthing back and some more, at least wildcard will wake up
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