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  1. Yes, but if you mate that 20 mutation male with a female that has negative 20 mutations, you get a child with 0 mutations and all the best stats. If you do that with your entire breeding line, you can freely inbreed and not worry about getting rid of wild stats whenever a mutation pops up, with mutation rolls possible on both sides of the family tree. Edit: It would seem I'm out of posts for the day due to newbie spam status. As a final comment, obtaining a negative 1 mutation dino of each gender, and then immediately countering any mutations that do pop up, would all
  2. I don't do heavy breeding so I'm not sure on the other common method, but this would only be costly the first time. Once you've got a negative mutation breeder, you can mix it into the line at any point to reset them immediately. Edit: Ideally, you'd work it out so you get a negative one mutation breeder, then just cross breed it in to cancel any positive one mutations that pop up.
  3. https://www.reddit.com/r/playark/comments/av05fr/thought_mutation_counter_rollover/ He confirmed it, then downgraded it to a "visual" thing that can't be exploited, then said that "other safeguards" were in place so that exploiting it wouldn't matter.
  4. I reported this to the reports email with no response, and one of the reddit reps, who brushed it off as nothing. So here you guys go. The mutations counter is a 32 bit signed integer. If your pet has 1 mutation, in binary he has 00000001 mutations. If you mate them with another 1 mutation pet, he will have 2, or 00000010 mutations. If you inbreed that generation, you have: 00000010 + 00000010 = 00000100 mutations, or 4. Do it again, you have 00001000 mutations, or 8. As you can see, every doubling of mutations moves the 1 left. Now,
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