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  1. Thank you wild card. Thank you wild card for hugely improving the the cheating that has been going on since the dawn of ark. With the mesh control, dupe retracting and closing of mesh holes you guys are doing things right and I just wanted to thank you guys for keeping ark fair and competitive. thank you wild card.
  2. Any word? I can’t find my server either. Please let me know your outcome. Harry.
  3. Lol. I stopped before I started. Way to long buddy plus it prolly just another complaint from somebody that sucks at the game. I play official in a three man tribe and we have been growing in everything since. Rethink how you play the game if you suck at the game or try minecraft. It's really the same game but block version. Plus you won't get pillar blocked. Lol.
  4. Nothing wrong with ark. Just better players!!!! I have no issues playing ark and have played it now for two years. Keep it up ark people!!!
  5. Happy birthday. Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I wonder if wildcard will be willing to put a ceiling like abberation has and ultimately retrieve everyone's mana that floating above. I'll deal with losing my characters items. Still sucks I had mostly ascended stuff on me. But I lost two manas back to back before I started to realise what's up. Thanks for replying.
  7. Same here. I only jumped twice high and same thing happened to my mana. I took my other mana out of the ark to go look for my mana and body and for two hours found nothing. I flew up to see if it got stuck on the green ob somehow and lost all my stuff just like your vid.
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