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  1. Starting on arbitration Hey all, I'm looking to get set up on Arbitration, I'm moving over from rag, I'm just looking to set up an out post for cave runs and setting up for boss fights, I'm a total arbitration nube so any advice on setting up would be greatly appreciated
  2. Crigor92

    Ice cave rag

    Ice cave rag Hey all, I'm getting ready to run the ice cave on ragnarok, I've got an ascendant pump action, 10 high level vultures, ascendant or master craft fur armor and I'm about to make some strong healing brews I'm just looking for any advice people may have, whether it be things I'm missing, dinos I should take, certain routes to take Any and all advice is welcome, it's took me a while to grind out everything to get down there I'd hate to lose it all straight away to a noob mistake, Thanks in advance
  3. Ah that's a good shout with the st, never thought of that, cheers
  4. How do people raise otters, or other fish eaters like Barry's, I usually raise a lot of dinos at once, my problem is that everything else in raising prefer fish to meat so when I put fish in the feeder everything eats it first and then the otters have nothing to eat How do people get around this, I've made a hatchery raising Area I'm very happy with so ideally didn't want to raise them somewhere else I don't gather enough fish to raise everything on this as I have 18 meat eaters down at the minute Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated, thank you
  5. Sounds great mate, cheers for the strategy, looks like it's time to gear up haha
  6. Hi guys I've heard a lot of people say the swamp cave can easily be done more that you can cryo a sloth (megatherium) into the cave I've never done this cave before but am hoping to soon, me and my tribe mate have a couple of megas that we're going to breed and use their off spring in the cave. I'm just worried their stats aren't good enough, What are recommended stats for the megatherium down the cave, we have saddles that have come out over 100 armour rating with my crafting character btw Thanks for the advice guys
  7. Cheers for the info guys, we got a few thylas lined up for this weekend and I'm going tu tame some sloths on the x2
  8. Good to now mate, cheers What sort of saddle you using down there? Are dimorphs, something people sell or is it just a go tame your own sort of thing with them being so small
  9. Hi all, I've been thinking of making a secondery survivor just for crafting I've been looking into making recipes and I understand the mechanics, my question is, Is it just the recipe that will get better with a higher crafting skill, or is it each food item you make I feel like if it's just the recipe, a re spec would be a better option than leveling a second character, but if I'd need to respec every time I made some health brews I fear that would get very tedious Thanks for the help guys
  10. So you don't use sloths at all? My tribe mate has arranged to buy a couple of good stat thylas I think I'd prefer to be riding those than a sloth lol, Is it worth bringing sloths as a back up to help the thylas?
  11. Hi everyone, me and mine tribe mate can't decide if we're better or taking Frogs or sloths down the swamp cave on the island. Has anyone tried it with both? We're hoping to venture down there soon so any advice would be welcome, cheers
  12. How do you guys find lag on the pc? I'm currently on ps4 sometimes the lag isn't too bad, sometimes the game feels unplayable
  13. He runs it on rag BTW, very trusting guy, also a good seller to know
  14. There's a player called spudlico, me and my tribe mate ran it with him, you have to pay for a seat but he provides and the kit you need and a rex to ride, he's very organized and obviously done it a lot of times, very highly recommend
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