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  1. I'm m moving from rag to island soon so I'll give it a try I've had the same problem with Manti core, the only advice I've received is try and kill the manticore before you kill the dragon Not an easy feat I'm guessing trying it on gamma might be a good idea I've never tested this theroy, well I did try last night on alpha and it cost me 7 rexes, I had to kill the dragon before losing the rest Sorry I know I'm waffling on now Hope this helps
  2. Nah it's still on my same rag server, never transfered it
  3. Lava golem dermis, Hi all, I ran the lava golem yesterday on rag just to get the dermis I've made a large stand but when I put the dermis on it won't show the lava golem, Any idea why?
  4. Starting on arbitration Hey all, I'm looking to get set up on Arbitration, I'm moving over from rag, I'm just looking to set up an out post for cave runs and setting up for boss fights, I'm a total arbitration nube so any advice on setting up would be greatly appreciated
  5. Crigor92

    Ice cave rag

    Ice cave rag Hey all, I'm getting ready to run the ice cave on ragnarok, I've got an ascendant pump action, 10 high level vultures, ascendant or master craft fur armor and I'm about to make some strong healing brews I'm just looking for any advice people may have, whether it be things I'm missing, dinos I should take, certain routes to take Any and all advice is welcome, it's took me a while to grind out everything to get down there I'd hate to lose it all straight away to a noob mistake, Thanks in advance
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