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  1. They released a couple of patches for connection to crystal isles, might have fixed your issue? I tired playing last night and the issues I was having mysteriously disappeared, didn't see anything regarding it in the patch notes...
  2. I agree. Although as it has been said in here already by others I also don't trust that they'd actually follow through with fixes. I would only hope that they would lose subscriptions on a P2P model if they didn't fix issues in the game, basically forces them to put in the work It's a sad state of affairs when your player base has absolutely no faith in what you're doing
  3. This particular connection issue isn't normal, but there's a flow of other bugs that tend to be common occurrences that people have basically just had to adapt to
  4. no idea. I've had my tribe mate in NA test it out and he was fine, every server region was below 60-70 ping for him. If anyone reading isn't experiencing this problem I'd recommend creating a Bob character on a server with high ping, see if we can confirm that's where the issue lies
  5. See I'm ok with that, but one thing they definitely shouldn't do is start introducing items, exclusive dinos or mutations into the game for a price. Last thing you want to do is create a 'pay to win' environment
  6. Yep that's exactly the same as what I'm experiencing. Weirdly relieved that I'm not the only one experiencing it lol
  7. Should ARK change their revenue model? The general consensus in the game today is that people love ARK, but are significantly dissatisfied with the multitude of bugs in the game, and apparent minimal effort from Wildcard to address these issues (even going so far on occasion as to bury some of these issues). I think a major symptom for it is their revenue model; in that they are pumping out new DLC's to make money via downloads from their addicted player base. Once you get a download payment, who cares how broken your game is, right? You already got your cash, why fix bugs if that doesn
  8. Update for this issue on my end: - I've updated all of my drivers and tested connections, but it is still happening - This only appears to happen for me on servers with higher ping (i.e. servers in EU when I live in OC). My ping on OC and NA servers is usually below 60 so they run fine, whereas EU is usually around 100+ ping Obviously my thought process here is that the communication issue is related to your distance from server
  9. I was going to call it ddos but stopped short because that doesn't usually last this long (that i've been aware of) If it is a communication issue then I presume WC are aware of it and will fix it soon. Not going to hold my breath though, we all know what WC's track record with bug fixes looks like ?
  10. If you're going to use the charge nodes it's much more effective to hit serveral charge nodes simultaneously. When i do it i take at least 40 batteries out with me (enough for 5 charge nodes). load 8 batteries into the first one, move onto the next ones and do the same, and by the time you get back to the first charge node the batteries should be pretty much charged. Most of it is about planning your route between charge nodes for maximum efficiency, and finding areas where they are relatively close together
  11. Server rubber banding and connection losses Hi all, Wondering if anyone else has been having the same issue recently. I play on several EU PVE servers and the connection to them recently has been horrible; they'll rubber band to the point of being almost unplayable, drop connection completely, and not appear on my server list for a few minutes before coming back up. I'm playing in the OC region and have been on foregin servers for some time without issue until recently. Internet connection seems to be fine, and my only NA server doesn't appear to be effected. this is happening on
  12. X-Dunkleosteus didn't get the patch? Has anyone noticed that the X-Dunkys didn't get the weight reduction that was released as part of update v312.65? They may not have gotten the speed boost either, haven't done a comparison with a regular Dunkleosteus. Is that intentional, or an oversight? Thanks
  13. Option to 'hide' Vacuum Compartment frames on Official Servers Not sure if this has been raised, don't flame if it has! I've finally built my first underwater base on Genesis now that element is easy enough to come by to justify the running costs. I can tell, however, that vacuum compartments have been somewhat neglected in terms of updates. I'm sure i'm not the only one who would like to see the frames for vacuum compartments hidden inside of your base, so you don't get that ugly spider web look, and code them so that the frames automatically re-appear if power is lost to them (
  14. idk if this has been posted or tested yet, but is anyone else having issues placing a tek teleporter on triangle cielings? no matter what i do i just keep getting the 'is obstructed' message. I have plenty of space around and above it, and it allows me to place it on normal pillars/ceilings, so it has me stumped...
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