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  1. In reply to this, I should mention that I want to do alpha rockwell and alpha ascension. I have 20+ rexes levelled with 100k hp and over 1k damage, so i am able to bring my own 'fire power' for alpha ascension.
  2. Basilisk Taming Effectiveness Hi all, i've built a 6x5 metal trap with dino gates as walls. when i trap the basilisk inside the taming effectiveness still drops, even though it can't bury itself. anyone know why this is happening? Thanks
  3. Hi I'm looking to get a seat on either the aberration boss fight or the tek cave boss fight. Name your entry fee Aberration fight: I've done this fight before but I need to do it with my level 90 character that I use primarily for cave runs. I have a suitable rock drake/saddle and shotgun, or megalosaurus, depending on what role i'm needed for. Tek Cave: I haven't done this one before, so i'm not sure what i'll need to bring. I'll be taking my level 115 character. Been playing since early access with just under 2k hours ingame. Any takers would be much appreciated!!
  4. that's odd, i built one directly next to some metal spawns and the metal respawned. i'm probably only 3-4 tiles away from the metal spawns at most too
  5. Hi all, just a quick question Will cliff platforms block nearby resources from respawning? Thanks
  6. Tips for the Hidden Grotto cave Hi all, I got bored today so I thought i'd take a whack at the Hidden Grotto (blue zone) cave. I'd heard it was hard, but I have decent dinos and since the cryopod introduction, a lot of caves have become much easier. Not this one, for me at least. I went in solo with a baryonyx/megalosaurus, cleared the shallow water and land sections easily, but got dismounted by a karkinos in the underwater section leading to the artifact. It destroyed my scuba tank and almost killed me but luckily I was able to pump enough lead into it and escape the cave with my life & dinos intact. Does anyone have any tips for clearing the underwater sections? If you're going solo, is it a matter of taking a pack of baryonyx in and sending them to attack while you hang back? Thanks!
  7. I've had similar problems. It isn't an issue with ARK, it's a Steam issue. I cleared my download cache on steam and that fixed it up. Open Steam. Top left, click Steam > Settings. Dialog box pops up. Click on Downloads, and click the Clear Download Cache button. You'll have to restart Steam, but it should download things much faster once you clear it Hope that helps
  8. To physically get them to the entrance of the tek cave? Cryopods. I don't mean to judge, but if you're at the endgame and are prepping for the Tek Cave, you should know how to use cryopods...
  9. hahaha, pretty much! Nowadays, enable wandering is used almost exclusively for your dinos to passively gather or produce materials without you riding them such as dung beetles, achatina and moschops
  10. My advice: it doesn't matter how much experience or advice you have. A lot of this game is trial and error, and learning from mistakes. Eventually you'll play for long enough to know how to avoid most of the mistakes, keyword 'most' Even us long term players who have been here since early access still get caught out with weird game mechanics!
  11. What are you using to kill it? based on your post i presume you're going in with guns/melee weapons? By far the easiest way to do it is while riding a tamed dino, a decent level wild tamed rex would do the job easily. If you really want to challenge yourself and kill it on foot then it's up to you how you do it; if you try to kill it outright you're always a good chance of dying or spending a decent amount of ammo to bring it down (i remember i once used 500+ rounds of advanced rifle bullets to bring one down) If you can tranq it (can alphas be tranq'ed? never tried, someone else can confirm this) it would be much more cost effective.
  12. I only have 200 health on my character. when i finish my 'wake up' animation i'm down to about half health, which gives me around 10 seconds to turn on the generator. if you put your bed right next to the generator this is plenty of time to turn it on
  13. A tek building on its own won't protect you from radiation, but if you set up a tek forcefield then that would protect you from radiation. only problem is that the tek forcefield needs to be powered by element, which renders it kind of useless if you're just running there to turn on the teleporter when it's required. What i've done is level up health on my character a bit, and placed a bed right next to my generator. that way I can fast travel in and turn on the tek generator before I die
  14. just what i was looking for, thanks!
  15. I'm not opposed to it, for PVP. But as the devs have shown (mana for example) is that any change will also be made on PVE, not just PVP This change would annoy the **** out of the PVE community, js
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