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  1. They seem to have incidentally fixed it with some recent updates!!
  2. I have no clue what Atlas has, unfortunately. I'd love to see it on console, as I'm an XB1X guy.
  3. A much wanted idea is a Map maker, similar to the tools given to us (and very much recently broken) in the PGArk system. Imagine being able to craft your own worlds, generate the map and smooth it out, create elaborate dungeons for a roleplay server. Creating vast an beautiful planes on a whim. Controlling the weather system for it, adding radiation zones, adding nest spawns for drakes and wyverns, etc. The sky would then, literally, be the limit. Is this new map your friend made awesome? Will it rain meteors? Will the caves be soaked in radiation as you near the center of the Ark? Who knows? But I know I'd buy it.
  4. I suggest a new map with a selection if biomes in a large (9x the size of current maps, 9 servers hosting the map) world. Using the same technology behind atlas, it would be nice to see a map with multiple large landmasses. Huge underwater caves connecting to underground worlds. Similar to what Rag did with Scorched earth and island. Combining their themes to make a new map that became extremely popular, I'd like to see a new map with element infused cave systems that caused the creatures like on Ab, to mutate, running lakes of element, etc. Large landmasses with new biomes to explore and discover, maybe some floating islands as well. Including but not limited to, desert, grasslands, etc.
  5. Also the PGarks are even more broke now. Won't load them at all and I've loaded at least a hundred on my Xbox OneX. Shoot you back to the menu no matter what. Even if it is already loaded previously and cached.
  6. So, I've worked on a particular map for 18+ hours getting things the way me and the owner of a cluster wants them and now, several people simply cannot load the map. I haven't had any issues, I have an Xbox One X, but I'm assuming this is the difference. Anyone have any ideas or able to contact a dev to bring this to their attention? The PGark system needs some love, it has amazing potential and even now, we can make some gorgeous maps.
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