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  1. [PS4/PRIM+/Role-Play]*NEW* Andromeda The Realm Come check us out! Brand New server, we’re starting off with a 20 player slot and have plans to cluster another map to the server as well we are currently on Valguero! Once we are up and going we will be keeping an eye out for admin worthy players, and when we are more populated we will be adding more player slots no wipes, no admin abuse. Please join our discord for more information! https://discord.gg/ezHMWNr
  2. [NEW} Prim+ Role-Play Server Valguero Brand new server that was just put up on Valguero, 3x boosted, fast breeding, starter packs, moderated PVP, solid roleplay and lots of fun! If you are interested in joining us, join our discord and read through the rules! https://discord.gg/VKuekYX
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