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  1. hey i have been playing genisis part 2 for a while now and the federation exo suit that you get in game wont allow me to wear it, it just says that i comsume them. need help
  2. i tried end and bty my hud is on and the floating names have been turned off and on and i still cant see their names
  3. Cant see the names and lvls of the dinos Hey i have been having this problem which is that i cant see the name of tamed or wild dinos and that also goes for their levels as well. need help.
  4. So we have the daeodon, we have the trilobite what are the other two new dinos? (Found the trilobite will I was fishing on a river bank near the sea in the south.)
  5. I cant wait untill tommorow I am mostly likely gonna wait untill someone makes a vid of the dungeon to make a strategy for each dungeon
  6. Hey if that is what the developers want to do then let them. They are obviously trying to have things only exclusive to the mobile app and that cant be seen on PC or console. And bty good work developers I cant wait to see this update in July and also if it is not tol much to ask can you make the wooly mammoth platform saddle an engram unlock and also plz make it to where the bosses implants can get extracted to go and tame them. But to get the saddles you would have to get the reasources from the dungeons and outside map plz that would be really awesome if you guys to do that. Sincerely
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