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  1. Huh, single player works perfectly for me. Who woulda thunk?
  2. I don't think so, I've gotten chibi's for Reapers and Rock Drakes, on The Island map.
  3. I send any non producing Gacha's on a trip through my dino's digestive tracts. seems to be working well for me.
  4. Giga's hit far harder, but are nerfed to hell, and can be quite squishy if they were wild tamed. Personally, I think they are just "trophy" tames to impress your friends. They do have uses, but other tames do it just as well.
  5. If you ain't dying, then you wasn't living. It's all part of the Ark experience.
  6. This is exactly why I always have at least 1 critter on follow and neutral. The raptor pounces, it gets reamed...
  7. I've found quite alot, but only tamed a pure red Dire Bear, since it was the only 1 whos level was over 100. The xmas colors are so pretty!
  8. Bronto's. I mean, dem big, juicy thighs, They look delectable, *drools*
  9. Lol, 7 Days to die. More like, 7 deaths a day when we all first started out....
  10. Best memory, was the entire early game, trying to figure everything out while being creative in ways to die, lol. Slowly working my way up and doing things that beach bob me never thought was possible, was so rewarding, fun, and nostalgic. As for what Ark means to me? Well I'm a enormous dinosaur nut, i have been since i was in diapers, and this is probably the only way I'll ever have a dino as a pet and companion(aside from birds, but you get my drift)
  11. You simply cannot have a life outside of Ark. You must be one with the Ark. Its all or nothing my friend.
  12. Buying the game, while thinking that I'll still have a life afterwards....
  13. So basically anyone who thinks that the way they do things is the only correct way to do it? Sounds like humans since forever.
  14. They are one of the best tames. Small hitboxs and quick, they are flying piranhas on crack, if you have enough of them.
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