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  1. Hi can any one help me out! Trying to fix an Xbox nitrado hosted set of obelisks! Got into an argument with a guy I had as admin on a cluster I run and he ended up red gunning (destroying) all my obelisks. It took me a while to realise this (had to deal with personal issues) so when i came back a fair bit of time had passed making a wipe more a needle in a hay stack and my cluster is pretty built up. I managed to fix the island obelisks using the command: Cheat spawnactor "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/Structures/TributeTerminal_Green.TributeTerminal_Green'" 160 0 0 Changing green for red and blue at the respective obelisks but for the life of me can't get this to work on center or rag. Please help! Thanks in advance.
  2. Any luck on finding out how to do this on center or rag? @Freeza Thanks
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