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  1. All pvp, pve, small, pc and console too.
  2. Yep, i just lost my cryo dinos. Cant join to get my bag so is a lost cause.
  3. You can place in The bottons Pilars a ceiling so you can build a mini bridge then you can take out The upper pilars and The upper bridge wont fall. I hope i explaint right. The other way is to place tek bridge but i guess only Work on floor not on foundation. I hope this Work for you.
  4. Red orbitals extinction , ragnarok desert, sc lots of red drops in The Middle of the map and also dunes.
  5. I really hope that Work for you, We all can be robbed any time, its really Hard to find honest People and yet We cant stop helping freeloaders who only play for a week at The most if You stop giving stuff , so We are part of the problem as Well. Unfourtanly not everyone understand what pve means so much People play as it Was a pvp and The ones Who really play it as pve We must stand so much rude People. Sorry i over react lol.
  6. So what are your Rex stats? We could Share The risk, but We dont have The time right now perhaps next week. We are 3 on tribe. Btw We only defeat gama atm, but We have better Rex and saddlers now.
  7. We are 3 members in tribe, We have 40k 900m Rex 78 base saddler, good yuty and daedon. We try gama dragon whit lower Rexs and saddlers 40 base and all We can do Was to see The horror of dragón boss, now be breed better Rex but what equipment is the ideal for a beta try. Thanks
  8. Lol i guess you mean to extinción, yes you can now bring stuff and dinos, but if You really mean aberration also yes but not flying dinos. A mana can too.
  9. I guess its really a low rate, you should try caves insteed or try orbital drops, really high chances on orbitals. I never see a fishing rod BP.
  10. Extinction its The place, yellow orbital can drop MC BP Rex saddler. Good luck
  11. Hi, if You play oficial We can help With boss fight, We are few but We breed.
  12. You need a lot of tribe members same situation atm. Good luck.
  13. Yeah, They take spots you need and thats no cool or leave dinos inside ob. Why, Why, Why, lol. You should always ask first. If You want to do boss fight and you dont want to breed or at least trade The dinos, oficial is not your place.
  14. Ark is farm to win, craft to Win, breed to Win, etc... but yeah every sp maps have is advantages.
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