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  1. Hmm but everyone else is back up? Lame. I did an outage report maybe more wld help?
  2. Ya I don't take damage from eels on basil. Ive heard moerdars eel minion things do hurt the rider but I haven't been able to verify that
  3. Tribe ranks \ cryopods One of my tribe mates says he can't cryo any of the tribes tames. What setting affects this? Unclaim? Does tribe owned vs personally owned effect this?
  4. Legend.. like the Tom cruise movie ?
  5. I don't know if it's same bug but I remember when I collected those there was an issue with them not working right. The solution: get them all online(even though they don't track), then go to single player, use console commands to tp you to them and collect them again. This will force them to be recognized for w\e reason. If you Google there is directions for the console commands with coords to each note.
  6. Ya learning the tricks of what snaps where is frustrating. At least they have triangles now. Can make more interesting castles and whatnot
  7. Build the walls of the ramp same as box, don't snap to ramp
  8. Ya I did expect more out of the missions. Shame on me lol.
  9. You may have misunderstood the support response. They won't only restore lvl 150s they will restore up to 10 Dino's at lvl 150. I lost 47 to the cryofridge bug they restored 10 of them at lvl 150 even tho some were lower than that and some were higher.
  10. I've had this happen from opening an unpowered cryofridge. Killed 47 tames. Fortunately all herbivores so minor utility loss. Do a support ticket they will restore only up to 10 apparently.
  11. Have you tried to just repeatedly keep joining for like an hour? It eventually works for me just takes patience. Once you get in I've heard you should kill yourself before you log out. Supposed to help when you try getting back in.
  12. This happens to me pre-genesis on our rag ps4 server. Will either timeout on load screen or get in but half base is missing\not loading or I'll be stuck in the bed(and can't stand up) and appear naked\empty inventory even tho wearing armor\have stuff. Some days I spend 30mins+ tryin to login. You just have to keep trying one of them will stick. Pita
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