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  1. I play single player quite often to want to know wether it's possible to transfer items from my world's in single player like if I wanted something from the scorched earth on the island is a there a way to go about doing that ?
  2. No I mean when you use do tame on the dragon boss how does his fire damage compare to the fire wyverns damage ? When both wild and tamed
  3. That really doesn't make much sense to me, i'v used the wiki but cant get a clear answer concerning tamed stats
  4. If anyone has the time I'd love to know how the damage values compare dragon fire to wyvern fire and what percentages of damage they do
  5. did anyone else find the crystal isles, unnecessary upon my first observation they can't help but feel they could have been other ark ideas that could be been better explored, the extra wyvern variants I also found pretty ,unnecessary and somewhat nonsensical (mainly the blood wyvern I mean at least the others made sense), and I hate to kill the hype but the wyvern queen was underwhelming, I know they haven't fully realised everything but she just didn't seem like all that, idk maybe they should have made her bigger while im certainly game for the environment and its impressive
  6. Yes they're very particular about that it seems I might test it later to see if the last part of the code works just as well
  7. YES IT WORKED!! :'D MARRY ME ??? I think it was because I using forcetame instead of dotame
  8. All of you are wrong because i'v heard of other people using it just fine AND IT'S NOTHING TO DO WITH MODS BECAUSE THEY'RE PS4 PLAYERS LIKE ME so I know FOR A FACT it should work properly and nothing to do with limitations of stamina
  9. Why won't anyone help me?!?! Is it that dead around here, I'd my problem that much of an unknown that you people have no idea how to fix it?? I can summon in a dragon but I can't get it breath fire, the stamina bar just flashes but nothing happens I need someone to help me and fix it
  10. Why can't I get some help with this Also does mentioning these bugs ever actually do anything or am I just shouting at the wins ?
  11. Same, dunno if SE should have a dragon boss tho dunno if it would fit, I always thought a mantis boss queen could be cool idea or a golum boss but ragnork kinda already did that, I maybe those gigantic beasts that were on the scorched earth who's bone you can find scattered across the map maybe the last surving one could be a boss on SE
  12. Arghhh I think this is to be an inclusive to one dino tho not an entire pack Why the raptor did they have to ruined things by having them constantly reset There must something else a work around that fixes this, what about fully leveling them or something?
  13. It didn't work but there must be some way of fixing this
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