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  1. Forest titan spawn What are coords for the forest titan arena I have 10 to 15 gigas to set up for my fight dont know were it spawns
  2. Extra life 2019 How long does the extra life multiplier normally last
  3. Extra life 2019 When does 2019 extra life event start
  4. Add double breeding every weekend like with xp and harvesting.
  5. Giga vs ice titan How many gigas for ice titan fight
  6. Lol me and my tribe mate doesnt cheat but it would be nice if ark. Was fixed and not covered with issues
  7. Ps4 transfers Maybe transfers will be fixed by next year. Wild card Too busy raising money
  8. Ps4 transfers When will ps4 transfers be up again
  9. Valguero transfer Will ps4 users be able to transfer suplies on day one release?
  10. Andrewmote33


    Replicator Can you craft a replicator in cave drops on extinction
  11. Crafting cryopods and cryofridge Can you craft cryopods and a cryofridge in city terminals
  12. Recommended stats for Rex's and yuty for medium brood on console
  13. How many element do you get on easy broodmother on console
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