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  1. I have issues with character transfer, I am stuck on CI, and I cannot transfer to any server from the transmitter. I tried the method where you go around the server you have been to and look for the character that was uploaded but no luck. Anything else i can try?
  2. we walked around but no sign of it..... we were not flying yet.
  3. Just now server was crashed right after transfer (extinction 468). I spawned, unpod my wyvern (have not even move) then server went dead for 2 hours. Once it gone back up, it didn't say i was killed, but only shows respawn instead. walked around and i cannot find my deadbody our anything, since i am not in any tribe (1st time on server) anyone know how to get my wyvern back somehow?
  4. Taming high level rex to get super dino
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