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  1. People stay on legacy because the people on there usually old timer, and the community seems closer, less silly things around. All the efforts and time we spent is not easy and with legacy is locked out, we don't have the time to start over again with everything that we build over thousands of hours
  2. I'm looking for alpha dragon run too, want to unlock the engram
  3. One of the character cannot transfer to different server with transmitter, but other people can, anyone know how to fix it?,we tried restart the game and the pc still no luck
  4. We got some boss rex with 50k health and 1000% damage, do we still need good saddle for beta bosses?
  5. So we build around 35 85 on the island and giga spawn at the top of the hill nearby, and we built our base in full metal structure, can giga damage through the walls and kill Dino inside, and we do not have any fence at the moment
  6. Looking for deep sea loot, and haven't seen them yet
  7. Taming high level rex to get super dino
  8. Don't you need ceiling to block it going above?
  9. Do you build trap to tame those, tried to tame them, but keep getting distract by megalondon
  10. Once offline, how long does it take for protection to come on?
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