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  1. Not sure if server went down was one of the reason, we had 2 baby reaper in base container with food in its inventory, we went off to other server, then server went down for over 1 hour. come back few hours later, the reaper disappeared from base, log doesn't show it died, we are playing on crystal isles, on island i heard it glitched to 50/50 on the map, tried to look around there but no luck. anyone have any idea?
  2. I know that start the boss, will need to complete all gamma beta and alpha mission respectively, but do I still have to complete those if I just going to follow somebody into boss fight?
  3. I have older generation boss rex 32k hp and 1137% melee. How should i level it up? On legacy we used to level then to 60k hp and rest in melee.
  4. I tried to build my base with a sloped greenhouse roof, once I reached the other side, i noticed they were not lined up correctly , so there was a big gap. I checked the start, it seems line up but i noticed, the roof may be slightly shorter? and a massive gap towards the end. any idea to overcome this?
  5. thanks, i had to freeze it few times, and it still go back into the ground and i cannot kill it but despawned it somehow
  6. we jsut tried, but as soon as freeze end, it drop back in
  7. on extinction doing OSD, reaper king is stuck underground? anyway to get it out? stuck on 2 hostile remaining for a while now
  8. we walked around but no sign of it..... we were not flying yet.
  9. Just now server was crashed right after transfer (extinction 468). I spawned, unpod my wyvern (have not even move) then server went dead for 2 hours. Once it gone back up, it didn't say i was killed, but only shows respawn instead. walked around and i cannot find my deadbody our anything, since i am not in any tribe (1st time on server) anyone know how to get my wyvern back somehow?
  10. Taming high level rex to get super dino
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