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  1. Actually, the hats can apply to the French Holiday, Bastille Day, in the same time frame - just look at the pattern as being Blue, White and Red instead of the American direction. C'est apropos pour le 14 Juillet aussi!
  2. I didn't have the mod. I seem to have pulled the DLC/Map _before_ I had the patch. When I tried to pull the map, Steam started up Ark, instead of showing any download activity. It later showed up in my library. I have since played on Valguero for a bit.
  3. Linux user here - on most of my servers and my personal desktops as well. Valguero worked fine for me after the patch. Getting the map, though was... odd. I'm not entirely sure of what I did to download/install it.
  4. Omigosh! There it is! Thankfully, my tribe-mate helped feed the critters, so they are all ok... I appreciate the update, WildCard, even as late as it is...
  5. Wild Card, are you going to prep a Linux version, or are all of my dinos going to starve because I can't join my server?
  6. ...And we have a fix! V. 294.102 for linux resolves the problem!
  7. Same problem on Linux here. Played fine last night. Won't launch now. Ubuntu 18.04. Checking the log files crashinfo-ShooterGame-pid-*** finds the same error: Assertion failed: Assertion failed: Filename[0] == TEXT('/') [File:F:\build\Trunk\Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Private\Linux\LinuxPlatformFile.cpp] [Line: 612] Filename 'Telemetry/TELEMETRY_DLL_NAME' given to OpenCaseInsensitiveRead is not absolute! I am guessing that the Devs know of this issue?
  8. I'm still on patch 292.101, am waiting for 292.103 that everyone else seems to have received. Have any other Linux users received 292.103?
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