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  1. hello, i have a game.ini with fibercraft and wanted to ask if you know how i can get rid of the fibercraft, i don't know so much about it because a friend of mine made it for me but i don't have any contact with him anymore 
    would like everything to cost normally again (wood straw, stone, metal etc.) I hope you can help me there 

  2. hey man I started a sever on ark an I was using your code (because this is my first server) do you have the finished code because I can't ride spawn in tames and I players can't use ten 

  3. Lol yea i am a database developer. I did this in excel... my brother did the custom amount stacks.. and baby imprinting stuff we still need to add some off map creatures.. and maybe custom loot crate sets... ive been playing hard mode primitive so i was distracted.. i think its still broke for ps4
  4. yeah its been a chore.. I'm going to play with a smaller set just for pvp. I'm going to replace the fiber with a less common resource so people actually have to travel and defend resource areas.. right now everyone is just sitting in caves with 500 turrets saying they are alpha... whoo hoo fun.. ..rolls eyes..
  5. i looked for a place to download an easy craft settings and found nothing... I'm posting my entries in I put in the game.ini to change the cost of crafting.. this is structures and armor. this is not a complete list and when i finish i will post the rest.
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