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  1. Since the event started, there have been so many bugs like infinity wyvern spawning in OC-70-Rag. It will be a very good opportunity for me to quit this game if finally my base in 487 is gone
  2. With all my respect and 2000 hrs gameplay: Ticket submitted but nothing happens. Dinos just auto-decayed, soon my base will be gone as well. I dunno how WC staff tested the transfer issue but I believe they only tested with a new character. However, the issue exists for those who already have data on the 487. I know the community is not the place we asking for technical support but the place we can get support never gives support lol.
  3. True. I submitted a ticket to them in Bug Reports. What I got is a automatic reply. Last time when the server crashes I lost all my Dinos. This time they plan to my whole tribe lol
  4. In fact I cannot even enter the server at all. All I get is Downloading... And finally force me to quit
  5. Failing when transfer OC-PVE-487-Extinction-300.1 Hello there, From last Wednesday when I transferred my character back to my Rag server, then I am no longer able to transfer to 487. It's always saying Downloading Transferred Character... And finally end up with an Error. My base is gonna decay soon so could anyone please tell me what happens in 487? Creating new character is okay but transfer is not.
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