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  1. What happens when you lose a tamed dino who is following you? Any dino who is following me, even the agile little ones like dilos, always run into something and get left behind accidentally. Even in areas that aren't particularly dense and are relatively open, they always find a way to get stuck, unless I literally have them on the lowest following distance which is absurd - I have them on medium. If there is an object in the direct path between me and the dino, they'll just nonstop run into it, never going around or through it, effectively stuck. What happens to them when they get left behind? Will they respawn somewhere or did I really just lose that tame forever unless I happen to someday run into them again? Maybe they teleport to me after a certain distance or time period? Also curious what happens to tamed dinos that are following you when you die. Again - do you lose them, or will they respawn somewhere? I am on xbox one, non dedicated local server
  2. Ahhh, I appreciate the answer, unfortunately I'm an xbox player so I don't get a command line, I don't think. I'll keep the tamed dinosaur option in mind!
  3. I'm a brand newbie, what is the "Fly" command? They oftentimes do prevent it but I have surprisingly gotten stuck on some a few times. Anything that my character automatically "jumps" off of will usually cause it, even if it's walking over a tiny rock that makes her do a little step downward. Foundations are a big culprit but not the only one for me. Jumping onto boulders to escape a dino is just outright dangerous for me now lol. Aaand I was backing up while shooting my bow at a carnivore yesterday and randomly froze in the ground for no reason and got killed from that, so this bug has caused more than annoyance for me, sadly. Although annoyance is indeed another thing it causes haha
  4. My husband and I bought this to play together and needless to say, we're lost. We are playing a local non dedicated server, so there aren't any other players and I definitely want to keep it that way haha. I'm at level 25, he's at 24. We have 1 trike, 2 dilos, 1 para, so our tamed dinosaur herd is quite modest currently haha. We've got a smithy, refining forge, bed, pike, bow, stuff like that... so basically, we aren't "brand new" or at total square 1. But we are very much stuck and confused on advancing. Feels like I'm in limbo, unable to get better or begin new things. I try to find guides to help me understand the game better but they are all for completely new people, going over how to pick berries and basics like that, which I most certainly don't need. But everything else that I find is far too advanced--talking about how to breed the best stat tamed dinosaurs and how to handle caves and going underwater adventuring, stuff that's nowhere on my radar yet, stuff ages away from my current goals/level. We can't venture beyond our original spawn location on a little beach. Even moving down the beach a little bit to start a new, bigger base gets us killed. When we try to venture out, we get killed in places that we can't get our bodies back from because we repeatedly die trying to retrieve our stuff, and have thus lost all of our tools and clothing twice already due to that issue. We've had to restart from total scratch twice now in a single day--that is, losing the stuff you always have on you and having to begin from there again. I do keep resources and stuff at my tiny base so I have that and don't start brand new on, like, wood and thatch and stuff. More like, I gotta start making a torch and pickaxe and all of that stuff all over again. Mining metal and getting hide at my level is quite difficult still, so it's extremely disheartening. Every carnivore kicks our butt, even what I imagine are simple ones like dilos let alone that dang boa and bugs we ran into trying to escape some feathered raptor looking thing, we can't move our base anywhere new, and honestly I'm just confused by what to do next. The game is massive with so many details, it's very overwhelming to a newbie, I don't know what all there IS to it, like what all features there are and the things to do. And, unfortunately, googling is kinda useless. I've tried learning more for hourrrrs on google, but so much of what I find is outdated information that is a waste of my time and adds to the confusion. I'll find articles completely contradicting each other because they're from different times, or an article that is very confusing, or an article that contradicts things I've experienced firsthand; trying to find really recent articles that are hopefully more updated is particularly difficult. When I try googling a specific topic or question, I rarely can find something talking about that particular issue. We're stuck as not total-beginners but also don't have our feet quite under us yet. Do you have any guides you recommend that are for sure updated and accurate that could help me begin to understand the game better overall? I am on xbox one. I'm going to ask a few specific questions below, but one problem is I can't ask questions about things I don't even know are a feature or exist, and that's why I'm hoping for some sort of guide that fits my current level. Because, obviously, a guide will hopefully introduce me to things I am currently unaware of and thus can't ask about here. Some specific questions I have right now: - On our local, non dedicated server, is time passing when we're offline? Can our dinos starve or get killed, can we starve or get killed, and if a dino is getting tamed does that process continue (and thus fail) when I'm offline? Or do those things pause until I return? I can only find references to how it is handled on PVE/PVP servers, not on my offline server. It has me very nervous that my tames will die while I'm offline and I feel like I have to log in every day to keep them from starving, which isn't feasible in my life. I know I can pack them full of food, but food spoils, so won't the food all spoil while I'm gone? And I also worry about even trying to tame some dinos. If a dino is going to take 8 hours to tame and I can't be online that long, I worry about even attempting, because I may waste an hour knocking them out and tons of ammo, just to find I don't have the time the process is going to take. Trying to learn how long a certain dino may take to tame is generally useless; I tried that tactic and read it would take like 3 hours for one dino and it took me 20-ish minutes, so.... that wasn't exactly accurate or useful. - How the heck do you survive carnivores and becoming more than babies hiding on the original spawn beach? Our tamed dinos die fast and so do we, despite hide outfits and pikes/bows/tranq darts/etc., so I'm not sure what more I can do or what to work toward. Hard to tame more dinos when you die leaving your base haha and I'll admit I make the mistake of getting attached to my dinos and not wanting to risk them dying.... what can I say, I'm sensitive lol - How do I get my tames to harvest for me? I have harvest enabled and wander enabled but nothing seems to happen? - Please, for the love of god, someone explain this weird group and class and whistling thing with tames. When you go in behavior, most of those options confuse the crap outta me. - What the heck do I do about temperature? I've read it's glitchy so maybe there's nothing I can do, but dang it is really kicking my butt. I'm wearing full hide outfit and have a torch and my character is still whining about freezing, I start starving, and 90 berries later I only have a sliver in my food bar--burns through my resources fast. Then later I take my armor off and am in the shadows of a forest but I'm still overheating. I had to go back to the water twice because of dehydration when I was trying to explore, which basically meant 30 minutes of going inland, going back to the shore, finally getting to the same place inland again, and then had to go back to the shore again cuz I couldn't keep water in me due to overheating. I have begun investing in waterskins since then, but it gets counterproductive when I've got so much weight that I'm losing water fast cuz of that, too. I do leave everything extra at home before I take off exploring, but with tools, ammo, enough resources to craft more ammo, berries and meat, waterskins, my outfit... well, I always seem pretty heavy. Plus, I got trapped exploring in the dark and reaaaally got murdered trying to get back home in the dark, so I feel like bringing a few walls and foundations would be smart to get through the nighttime when I'm out and about, but dang that's even more weight. - What stats do you suggest I focus on most in the beginning? I've done some toward weight, stamina, movement speed, and melee damage so far, but I level so slowly that I feel like I need to invest many points into a stat to make any type of difference, so scattering my stats the way I have feels like I've barely improved. What is the most useful to get high in the beginning? - Can I bring my same character and/or my stuff to different servers? Or is it all stuck on the first server you made them on? I've seen conflicting/confusing topics on that, so I don't quite understand how that all works. - What is "official" server vs.. whatever is not official? I guess that's all I have for now. I'm sorry this is so long, it's just the ramblings of a lost soul hahaha any help is so greatly appreciated!
  5. Made an account just to post here. Bought this game yesterday, Xbox one. This issue is happening to me constantly still. It is NOT fixed
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