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  1. Ohh no.... it is realy happening
  2. Ohh... didn t knew about it, but in this announcement it isn t writen that it is a temporary/seasonal mode, so can we finaly play without being scared of wiping next year?
  3. and why are you informing us just 1 day befor? please do this next year at least 1 week befor, so that we have enogh time to use our stuffe without be scart of losing something, cause it will go away anyway.
  4. Are you kidding me.... whats with the hard work in the classic Servers, are you guy's going to wipe classic and conquest once a year? That's just stupid! I would prefer to pay you a monthly rent to keep these servers alive and to give you the abiliti to get more servers, instat of reastarting all the time. I m just disapontet
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