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  1. all these posts are in 2017. I still have this error in 2019. No response from the devs
  2. "Joining failed, Could not retrive adress. I am on the windows 10 version. I keep getting this error. It happened randomly one day. I havent found a single fix for it and by now my base has auto decayed.
  3. Hello. I have 1k hours on steam (pc ark) and about 300 on Xbox ark or windows store ark. Currently, I'm trying to connect to a PVP server. Out of my 1.3k hours I have never run into this error until today. The map is Ragnarok and its clustered with arbitration. I own every DLC. I get the error connecting to the Ragnarok server. I can connect to the arbitration server just fine. Maby its something to do with the map??
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