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  1. So no st.patricks day event I doubt people would expect something like the Valentine’s Day one but boosted rates and green Dino’s surely aren’t that hard to do.
  2. Would you rather a rushed expansion fill with the many bugs you keep complaining about? I for one am happy with the delay and even wouldn’t be upset at it being delayed further and I guess they are showing there true colors by just means more time and care into genesis. However it is fair to ask for news and updates and about the release date I believe Cedric said they won’t be giving one as to not disappoint by missing the release date.
  3. This would be an awesome mechanic if it gave you the resources similar to how with Ovis the amount is based on health. this could allow farming of Dino’s such as megalocaros for pelt or phiomia for hide.
  4. Placeable trees and bushes The title says it all building would benefit a lot from it maybe you could get a tool that allows you to harvest seeds from bushes or trees to get that specific type maybe you would need to grow them first regardless it would look a lot nicer and i think mobile ark has something like this so I know it’s possible.
  5. Valguero shouldnt be free Like the title says but to be more specific and it shouldn't come with the base game you should need aberration to play it. If this was the case then wc could still sell possibly more copies of aberration and be able to include all the aberration Dino's in valguero.
  6. Is the homestead update coming to switch anytime soon? I think many of the switch users are becomeing frustrated with the lack of updates especially bugfixes and when wildcard states “It's finally arrived! We're beyond thrilled to be releasing Structure Plus (S+) and the long-awaited kibble rework (now packaged together as 'Homestead') to all of our survivors March 5th 2019” specially the “all of our survivors” it completely ignores the switch leaving many feeling left behind
  7. I am also on a pve server but this should still be working
  8. I have tamed a ichthyornis and when I throw it at a dodo it just attacks instead of picking it up I am positive it is in hunt and retrieve because of this it takes a extremely long time killing dodos and when it finally kills it it brought it back to me but it was not glowing and did not give prime it does work perfectly fine with fish though anyone know how to fix?
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