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  1. So I bought ARK on Steam the other day for the $20 sale currently happening right now, and I play a lot of single player because Ive heard and seen how toxic multiplayer can be and I wanted to do full story mode. I had the xbox play anywhere version on this same PC but it glitched about a month of owning it and now it wont even open. I tried contacting Wildcard for help but they didn't really say anything helpful (sorry). I had already beat the Island on there so I bought Scorched Earth for 7.99 and downloaded it and started a single player world. Ive played it for a couple days now and have probably around 10 hours and lots of cool tames and stuff but now its making me start all over again. I downloaded the patch yesterday and was able to play after even so I didn't lose my data then, but today I tried getting on and it put me on the create new survivor screen. I just closed it off and waited a couple hours then fired it up again and it did the same thing. It still says I have data saved before it asked me to start again, but I just hit create and all my tames, my base, and my survivor experience is just gone. Can anyone help? I cant refund and Id hate to not touch this game again. If you have any other questions just let me know
  2. Hi I've been trying to get on ark on my PC for over a week basically since the valentines patch. After I updated on the Microsoft Store (I have the play anywhere version) I tried playing my Singleplayer on the island. Ill select it and hit play but when it starts loading It'll say PrimalGameData_Bp in the bottom left loading area, and never fully loads it and it kicks me back to the main menu. I've tried multiplayer, different arks, everything and cant get it working. I know it got updated bc it shows the patch notes in the news and has the valentines day announcement gone now. I contacted wildcard's help page and have been waiting for a response for two or three days now. Does anyone have a fix or has anyone encountered this problem? Thanks!
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