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  1. Why are you guys thinking about stupid events when you have soo much basic elements of the game to fix!!! like my fricken boat sky rocketing in the air and smashing into a million peices! 50 turrets GONE! and your thinking about events! get bent guys, fix your stupid game
  2. guys ... its a survival game. People cheating , glitching, meshing is all part of the experience. Evolve -- its in the title of the game. Adapt be smart and you will survive! Im on console ps4 pvp official. Just hit level 100 since starting in January, EVER. 3 man tribe always getting over powered by these megas but guess what... i run and hide my stuff when i have to. . I switch out servers when i have to. if your lazy in the game, someone who is not will get you. Survive- Evolve- Adapt to the bullpoop cheaters. If you are a low level trying to make it to the top... you will be raided at least 20 times. Don't get frustrated because each time you build it will be better then the last. lol, and you need the experience points anyway lol p.s. I think rail gun shoots through to the cheating meshers, and a parasaur can detect in mesh aswel. And if all else fails well im sorry ARK but if you yourself need to go in the mesh to kill off raiders, you should because they gona take your stuff you spent time for and you can submit as many tickets as you want. You know you're not getting your stuff back lol. GL guys. p.s. #2. if you cant beat em, maybe join em?
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