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  1. Why are you guys thinking about stupid events when you have soo much basic elements of the game to fix!!! like my fricken boat sky rocketing in the air and smashing into a million peices! 50 turrets GONE! and your thinking about events! get bent guys, fix your stupid game
  2. also turret boats are usless.... I got raided by 2 guys in a closed in wooden raft with a chair in it. One guy drove one guy on the chair and my turrets kept shooting at the boat but nothing was happening to them.... and no their were no tames as i had to rocket launcher their boat to sink it. If your offline they fake soak you, mesh their boat into yours open the magic door , placed c4 , tadddaaa your sunk! lol I say remove c4!!! stick to grenades and rockets only... lol
  3. guys ... its a survival game. People cheating , glitching, meshing is all part of the experience. Evolve -- its in the title of the game. Adapt be smart and you will survive! Im on console ps4 pvp official. Just hit level 100 since starting in January, EVER. 3 man tribe always getting over powered by these megas but guess what... i run and hide my stuff when i have to. . I switch out servers when i have to. if your lazy in the game, someone who is not will get you. Survive- Evolve- Adapt to the bullpoop cheaters. If you are a low level trying to make it to the top... you will be raided at least 20 times. Don't get frustrated because each time you build it will be better then the last. lol, and you need the experience points anyway lol p.s. I think rail gun shoots through to the cheating meshers, and a parasaur can detect in mesh aswel. And if all else fails well im sorry ARK but if you yourself need to go in the mesh to kill off raiders, you should because they gona take your stuff you spent time for and you can submit as many tickets as you want. You know you're not getting your stuff back lol. GL guys. p.s. #2. if you cant beat em, maybe join em?
  4. Are poison wyvrns meant to take out motorboats? So we had a turret boat on shallow water , was not around but in my logs i got the msg that my motorboat was destroyed by a poison wyvrn. All my boats have sunken foundations and are encased in metal.. Then during a pvp battle with these guys, i left another turret boat pretty decent far off land but still in turret range from the beach. All of a sudden i see my boat destroyed already by the poison wyvrn. So how did this happen in less then 5 minutes if a motorboat has 32k health. I am not talking about a wooden raft to be clear. I tested this after losing 2 turret motorboats today to 1 poison wyvrn. and on a naked motorboat a 300 melee poison wyvrn was doing approx 100 dmg per poison blast.
  5. OFFICIAL PVP RAGNORAK , had a motor boat i built yesterday before patch, 5x6 metal foundations used the " large walls " feature they added to make it high enough for a metal dino gate, cielings and turrets on top... and if you guessed ... you guessed right... they now removed placing these "large walls" without warning so my motorboat this morning was totally exposed, no more walls , cielings and turrets all gone , hatchframes on sides with turrets all gone, ammo gone TIME gone , LIFE wasted lol. One cannot reset on official i assume so what the heck. Posted a ticket, not sure what good that will do but now i cannot re place these large walls so its forsure a fix they did not mention. my dung beetlle must be set to not wander for him to wander... my tribes ammo in his boats are missing half... lol .. how do i recommend this game to a friend without warning him ' you will waste your time doing NOTHING "
  6. i built a boat with large walls and had my babys growing.. i woke up today and all the walls cielings turrets gone.... my tribemates ammo in his turrets are missing half... inventory is missing things. my dung beetle only wanders when i set him to not wander... annoyed.. lost a lot of metal a lot of turret a lot of time . ps4 official pvp.
  7. So after building my tame motorboat build which i left my giga in for 5 hours while i slept turned into a nightmare. woke up, my motorboat had no more walls or ceilings, all my turrets are gone, giga and other tames were exposed... pardon my language but what the f ARE YOU GUYS DOING!!!!! I WANA PUNCH YOU GUYS IN THE FACE REALLY BADLY. Do you guys just wake up one morning and tell yourself , " how do we piss people off today " no matter what you guys come up with as long as you waste our time you will continue to piss us off and trash this game
  8. New to ark, just want to know if i purchase and install extinction, can i unlock the ingrams from a ragnorak server. Because as it stands the extinction ingrams are blacked out and says "only available on extinction" Does this mean by installing the game or do i need to transfer to an extinction server unlock and then go back to ragnorak? Dont quite get the mechanics.
  9. Kinda reated question but not. I have been playing on ragnorak for couple months now, getting annoyed that everyones got these poke balls throwing em out and i can see the potential in using these things but on my list of ingrams, the cryo fridge is blacked out and says must learn on extinction .... My question is, if i purchase extinction, install it wtvr, will i have access to unlock these ingrams right away on ragnorak?
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