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  1. Some of them are cool but some others sounds like skills from a mmowhich is a no no for ark. Example "Rage Mode". Maybe if it was Adrenaline mode would less mmowy. Also I think Wildcard is keeping Ark 2 as realistic as possible even though they will still have lots of fiction.
  2. (PVE)I have 4000 hours plus. Been my favorite game for years now. Wild card didnt destroy Ark Survival. I know every single map like the palm of my hand. I played every map except genesis and genesis 2. Which I didnt like much but that doesn't mean it destroyed the game. Wild card succeed in providing a very decent Story to the game which I dont care about but from what I read is pretty decent. Thing is what I love the most is the ability to stay in your own map stay primitive or in the fabricator era of the game. Nobody is forcing nobody to jump to automatic tek suit once you start.
  3. I have heard/read "rumors" that people from Wild Card are testing the game in some playable form. This shouldn't come as a surprise since they got a 2022 release date. I think they been working on it for more than a year now. Am super exited for Primitive Ark 2. I hope they can include some actual players in future beta testing before ark 2 launches in early access. It's time to begin a new Journey.
  4. Wild Card has been radio silent since the trailer for Ark 2. I know this in an early development but come on its time for the customers to see something. Sincerely I would be happy by just seeing a mere picture or art work/models even uncolored models . I have over 4k hours in Current Ark and I am looking forward to play Ark 2. The game will be Amazing in Unreal engine 5. It's really saddening that there is nothing else to see or check other than the trailer. I hope after Genesis 2 release in June 2nd Wild Card can offer some more info related to ARK 2.
  5. Hello There everyone!!! I have over 3000 hours in Ark Survival. I own all maps and have played every single one. Favorite Maps- All of them. (Except Genesis) Am not the Best at writing but here are some suggestions that I think will really help ark 2. Implement realistic dismounting from Dinosaurs. Add some rope latters to some tall dinos and make an option for it to Auto hide when you are not mounted. Keep all the old Dinos and implement them in the new Engine/+ the newer Dinos we will be getting. Have a different Variety of Maps like Ark 1. This will come as DLCs c
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