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  1. oh my god, made a bed out side, ran inside nude all over the place died 3 times, and it spawned (Xbox Single player)
  2. time to try the Dragon, and it sayed i need Artifact of the Skylord, but it was not there, found this post and lost all hope
  3. they recently answer one of mine, but it took 6 days, and they thanked me for multiple videos of the bug, and said they couldn't change anything ??
  4. oh yes it's 100% a bug, and they tried to fix the last patch, it was in the patch notes, but it's still there
  5. I have the same problem, but i Keep Clicking the A Button, a moving the left stick in different directions, and i am free in under 10 sec
  6. small tip: this is the Xbox Bug Report zone, here is the Mobile version Bug Report zone https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/forum/20913-bug-reports-support/
  7. 5 Red Deep Sea Loot Crates later and i see my first Purple Loot ever, it was a Yutyrannus Saddle
  8. i play on Xbox via Game Pass, Single player without touching settings, i am 472 hours in to the game, killed over 60 Alpha's, looted over 100 red/yellow beacons, and not a single Piece of loot was better then Apprentice (Blue), is this normal ?? is Apprentice (Blue) Max level items without touching settings ??
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