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  1. Invisible Dire Polar Bear Couple days ago after the last update.. I noticed that my dire polar bear was missing. No, notification in the logs that someone have claimed it nor that it had died. I didn't think anything of it. Couple days later I noticed that Dino poop from her has been showing up. Curious, I tried cryopoding her, and she went in. Shows raptor icon, but am still able to deploy her out. Still invisible. Not able to access inventory, or ride. And yes, I have not tried to take her off map. Did that with a previous, and found out.. ya, you can't. We are in a cluster server, Xbox. I have had her since about valentine's day event.. no issues. Until now.
  2. Well now is the only time, for getting the eggs ready.
  3. Breed TekRex, egg popped out(lvl263) only after a few seconds.. total time was 2 hours(ish), with 0 imprints.. Was not even given, the indication to imprint. I'm not the only one that this happened to on our server. What's the point of having a breathing hatching event.. When you can't even imprint. I was so looking forward to, hatching some gigas & wyverns. I'll wait until event is over.
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