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  1. wish i had found this 2 weeks ago, shrug, regardless of my lacking of search skills the whistling has stopped.........till next christma.....patch
  2. Constant whistling on win 10 version On the windows 10 version of ark, any time the center of the screen is pointing at a dino, the character will whistle on every controller input. Does not happen when using the keyboard and mouse, nor does it happen on the xbox version. This makes it hard to whistle commands to dinos, in order to do so player must be looking away from all interactables (looking at sky or ground to whistle stop all), or use keyboard command for the whistle instead. Character also makes whistle animation each time it occurs. Couldnt find another entry in forum.
  3. After valentine update character will whistle randomly while moving. Not Key Bindings. No stuck Keys. New Developement.
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