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  1. The switch community was just used to get money guys, they're never patching our game, and they're never updating it, they simply advertise it so they can make more. I'm honestly really sad that wildcard would do this to some of it's most loyal followers.
  2. I don't have a VR headset yet but with the rise of these new and affordable headsets around, it would be an AMAZING Game to immerse yourself in VR and feel like you really own Dino's, I know head tracking is available but a full version port would be a huge step in making VR the best thing ever. Imaging hatching a baby and seeing it there right in front of you, or running from a raptor hearing it's footprints chasing you down. I hope you've considered it.
  3. Hate to see this modding when you haven't even ported over all of ur game to switch yet, I stopped playing switchable long time ago because you blatantly disrespect it's players by ignoring them, I honestly expect more from a company that promised so much for the switch, and a port isn't even difficult it's just new maps now...
  4. When you leave ark for too long and your base auto decays
  5. Hey mate come on over to server 7,if you're pve of course, super friendly community, I can't guarantee a sports in my tribe but several smaller tribes are always recruiting, we're getting to high tier Tek rn so you'll have some experienced ppl to play around with
  6. Wish you'd at least bring the rates over to the switch version, I feel the switch community thinks we're being forgotten with 0 patches or bugfixes for a game that's entirely broken, no word on future dlcs or anything of the sort.
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