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  1. Counter meshing I personally feel like to stop meshing they should have a lvl 1,000,000 untamable mesh titan that targets anything under the map like a death worm. Tweaks would have to be done for parameters of the targeting range for cave bases build low but it’s more practical then a lot of the “fixes” I’ve seen before that’s slowly breaking the game give me your thoughts
  2. I have a back up gen, and the turbines are generating power but the power lines when you connect power to something that uses power don’t show up. Was wondering if it’s a bug or turrets can’t be temporarily powered by windmills cause if not what’s the point
  3. But I can’t seem to get the turrets to hook up to the windmills power outlets even when running 80+ wind just the geny
  4. turrets and windmills Can windmills act as a backup power source for turrets if generator goes out? Can’t seem to get them to hookup to the turrets
  5. Much appreciated. I’m trying to find a better alternative to cryopods due to there unreliability. So with this info my boat can finally set sail, thanks
  6. Dino weight I was wondering since I’m trying to build a holding pen for flyers on boats instead of cryopods. I know the max weight of a boat is 1800 pounds but I can’t seem to find how much Dino’s like the argentavis actually weigh? Is it a predetermined weight for all Argy’s or does carrying weight have some addition to it? Any help would be greatly appreciated
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