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  1. Lots of good info. I'll have to try these methods. Thanks all.
  2. What's the trick to keeping the baby fed on official servers? They are pigs
  3. I agree. Can't stop forever. Just need to figure out how to build to outlast them. Out defense the health pool of tanks, etc
  4. Not into making a huge tribe. Just a couple buddies. We have alliances but we trust nobody else. Need to better defend with no human help.
  5. Base defense How to best defend against off line raids. Guns get tanked. Animals may get baited out. Physical walls get destroyed. Velos? Different turrets ? What's the best mix or system to stop the threat.
  6. So I think I've done all the required steps for notification of ingame actions... things destroyed, dinos killed, etc. I'm on xbox cross ark pvp. Says I'm a member in my profile. I think I did all the settings? What am I missing?? Help please
  7. Must have been temporary thing. Our owls are normal now
  8. Our gachas used to collect pellets from owls nearby and would only eat them if we gave it some other food like stone. Now they pick up the pellets and eat them right away even if nothing else is in its inventory. Any clues?
  9. I am doing the same with argents, Raptors, rexes, pteras and dodos. I keep breeding back like you said. I have a group of stats I want. Breed each pair to get double or triple high. Repeat until I have all stats high. I'd I get a mutation I keep this animal out of the line. When I get the full high then I breed for mutes on one side only
  10. Thanks all. I was thinking same of swapping gates for sure for ease of use. We on pvp so 2nd thought was what can damage tek vs metal
  11. Is it worth it to replace our metal base components with tek?
  12. fbcoachjoa


    Hey everybody. Been playing for some time. Now getting really organized with building and breeding. I see we are getting S+ ni we on xbox. Sweeet!
  13. Theriz good too. Good harvester
  14. Theriz work nicely. Some critters ignore them so you can pick your fights
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