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  1. Every bug listed here, except the tek engrams, have been in the game since it launched on ps4..... It won't get fixed.
  2. Yea but apparently the only way to get them to aknowledge a problem is make as big a stink about it as possible. Get it into the public eye. The whole situation is absolutely rediculous.
  3. Make posts on reddit. The devs actually don't completely ignore that site. Can't promise they will do anything at all about it though.
  4. Make a post on reddit, these forums just go ignored but apparently devs actually look at reddit and sometimes respond. Can't promise it will help though as the devs don't seem to aknowledge anything without massive fan backlash.
  5. Yup as long as your game is up to date. Basically you are just buying a key that unlocks the map to play on.
  6. I like how their latest patch notes state they have been recieving fewer complaints of meshing.....well of course they are getting fewer cause everyone knows it's pointless to even try cause WC just ignores everything unless they are facing extreme backlash.
  7. They actual files are included in the updates to the game, you don't have to actually download anything after purchase.
  8. Never heard anything about it in any patch notes but the easter update seems to have fixed it so far.
  9. I dunno I have seen quite a few people describe the same thing, I would suggest making a post on reddit bringing attention to it as that is literally the only way I have seen the devs respond. I honestly don't think they check these forums very much if at all as I have posted about a texture bug like 5 updates ago and have yet to see any kind of response, yet some dude posted the same thing on reddit a few days ago and got a response that same day from one of the devs.
  10. Dude this bug has literally been in the game for years and to temporarily fix it you have to lose a huge chunk of progress or just live with a map that is useless because it resets every time you log off. Respect is earned. At this point they haven't earned it.
  11. You probably wont get an official response. Been dealing with this map reset bug since ark launched on ps4. Your only option is to delete your local profile and config data (the actual map data you don't have to touch), then make a backup of those 2 save files when the map and notes are working as intended. You will lose skins tied to notes because you will have to find them all over again but unfortunately thats the only way I have found to break the map reset loop. Also as a precaution only close the game while in the main menu never during gameplay as you almost never know when this game will decide to save and exiting while its auto saving COULD be a part of it. As for the explorer notes not showing up in your menu, its a bug introduced with the homestead update and what I said above will not fix it. It is incredibly stupid that something like this has been allowed to persist for so long. One question have you adjusted the lenth of day/night sliders at all? Last time I got hit with this bug was right after trying to make the day longer.
  12. @Kaprosuchus yes everyone would complain about a paid dlc that fixed the problems everyone has been reporting since the games launch...and they'd have every right to. Your argument makes no sense.
  13. Ok you want to remain impartial and hear both sides to the story....yet you immediatly ban him without warning and only decide to address the issue after fan outcry.....riiigggghhhtt. By the way quit adding new broken crap to the game and for the love of god FIX WHAT IS ALREADY THERE, and start actually paying attention to bug reports.
  14. It will be fixed eventually just give em time after all its early acce....oh wait...
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