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  1. It doesnt have dlc maps but it does have dlc (mobile) in the form of microtransactions like most free to plays.
  2. Not the Switch, I guarantee that, lol. Looking at his profile & comments earlier Im guessing strongly it is mobile.
  3. usually exiting out of the game & restarting it will solve the disappearing ground grass to glass glitch. It will reoccur time & time again, but by exiting out & restarting you'll be able to play for at least a little bit before the glitch returns. Or....your problem could be something new/worse. Typically trying to play after the ground disappears will result in a disconnection error & a forced restart.
  4. no. we do not have the DLC or even a broken option to download something not there. The original poster put his thread in the wrong catagory. It should not be under the Nintendo Switch section.
  5. lol, the switch is the only version not on sale and/or free? Must be because its such a quality product, right? RIGHT?!?! Whoever is actually in charge should be very ashamed of themselves at this point. It would be funny if not for the people taken advantage of & short changed over the most expensive version of the product & hands down the worst supported, most buggy, unstable version
  6. 1 year is weeks away. Do you know whats also close to that years time anniversary? The last time we had a patch or were mentioned by devs in community crunch or mentioned here in a noteworthy matter at all other than stripping servers which was a net negative to the switch community. I hope those that are wanting support get it. Im not holding my breath & feel its a pipe dream. Our kibble chart is still a backwards mess requiring large egg farms on a system that gets choked out by large structures required to make said egg farms. ZERO EFFORT & thats been reflected in long term sales. They arent going to rush off to change that & rescue us is my belief. Get confortable with this version or seek out 1 that meets your expectations. It sucks....but it is what it is.
  7. they are actively working on twitch to make the game better! Just not on switch, lol. Seriously asking questions about balance etc & discussing updates & content we dont even have nor I doubt ever get. Its ok....we were scammed. Still got around 600 hours of gameplay out of it so while I despise the garbage support & sub par product....the games still great imo & I have my moneys worth for it. (for 1 game, not the 2 times I bought it on switch, lol) Its just a shame they treat this sub group of their business pool so terribly. The should legitimately be embarrassed for phoning it in to this degree & taking adavantage of such an excited hopeful playerbase
  8. Dont use text. Its so much easier to deny service when you have the namelessness of the internet & no direct line to a higher up to overturn bad decisions. Do it over phone & dont be shy or afraid to ask for higher ups/managers to intervene. Others have highlighted Wildcards poor Switch support vs all the other consoles as a spring board in their efforts. Be sure to state how their online is broken with random unstable disconnects and how they have pulled servers & how game crashing glitches...BOTH ONLINE & OFFLINE.... have not been patched at all in close to a years time while other consoles see support and have their versions fixed routinely on a monthly basis. It may be helpful to also state that on social media & official forums they have never- short of 1 patch that happened a few weeks after launch- mentioned the Switch while monthly talking about other consoles, giving them bug fixes & new content & how this has been the case for close to a year. Its also worth mentioning to them you pay them (Nintendo) for online play yet cant play the game online in an unbroken matter due to the games glitches. In short be honest, polite & explain your complaint. Drive home how broken, outdated & unsupported it is & & how you are paying Nintendo to play a broken online game that doesnt match their seal of quality. If your game is physical you may have a hard time getting your money back....but I own it digital & physical (bought it digital first as I never wanted to be without it, but when I saw what a resource hog the game was in digital format I sprang for the cart too, to free up space) Id like to recoup the money spent, at least on the digital version. Between the 2 Ive spent 100 dollars just on the Switch (more on PS4 with expansions, etc) & Id happily take a refund on a sub par product as a credit on Nintendos Eshop for that 60 bucks digital. Not sure if it will work but there is no harm in asking customer service....just dont do it in text. Its easier to type no than say no & while texting its harder to get past the agenda driven folks who just want to bar your progress. Asking to speak to a nintendo support associates manager directly after a failed negotiation is easier than jumping through text hoops trying to track down a higher up who may actually be helpful
  9. Anyone have a clue what the OP of the topic my topic was merged with says in his opening post? I cant get the translate option to work for it. I saw Genesis mentioned in the brief bit that is recognizable to me & yeah....Switch isnt getting that either. Its coming to "all" consoles at once but Switch isnt mentioned in their console by line. Its coming to PC Xbox & Playstation. I didnt recall seeing anything for mobile either.
  10. The portability IS great....its just too bad the game has had zero support & is so unstable. I hear its rather easy to get a refund from Nintendo because Switch Ark doesnt meet their (Nintendos) standard of quality & you get to keep the game! I may try it out. As far as the topic goes, we are going on a year with no patch or mention in Community Crunch. I truelly feel Wild Card scammed us. No DLC, no basic support, no mention of even the products existance, stripping away public servers, no option to rent private servers....plus with their track record & Nintendo issuing refunds I have to question if they will even allow Wildcards "garbage" product further on their platform in a dlc fashion. I wouldnt be suprised if the Switch version of the game wasnt pulled from Nintendos Eshop if it hasnt been already or restricted from new sale at brick & mortar game shops This version thus far is an undeniable cash grab. Once it has the attention of the platform that hosts it to the degree they are issuing refunds I have to wonder how the continued existence of the product & its longevity/chance of future support will sort. I doubt Nintendo wants to refund us for buggy dlc too.
  11. we get 2 times xp & 2 times harvest every weekend with the evolution rate adjustments & have on Switch since the begining. The breeding is the same rate tweak they did around valentines day when we also did not get an event, only a value adjustment. I wont be buying the dlc next year because I already have on PS4 (its an option already for pre purchase & I do enjoy Ark) The base Switch game underperforms with random glitches causing crashes & is hands down the most unstable of the bunch. They need to sort that out before Id buy anything else from them on Switch, even if it was available. Given the level of support we've received so far..I doubt it ever gets fixed properly. I'd be shocked if any dlc , new or old ever happens on Switch.
  12. Nah, not going to reinstall it on my Switch for a simple rate tweak kinda like the extinction events we have every weekend. Too many good games on Switch needing the memory space Switch Ark would take up at the moment If we could get something more akin to Fear Evolved with skins, etc Id consider it but a rate tweak adds nothing new, it only alters values changing time invested to do things in the game that are already available.
  13. No Switch Haloween Event Just putting this out there for people who see the cool Halloween event stuff for PC, Xbox, Playstation, hell even phone/mobile is getting something. No, there is no Switch event announced as of yet & I highly doubt one comes, even in the simpler form mobile is getting. That would require support....which, beyond that first & only December patch we had nearly a year ago, is something we Switch customers of the game are not privy too . I hope all who are still playing Ark & can still enjoy the event on other consoles have a great Fear Evolved fueled Halloween.
  14. Its going on a year & they still wont even mention us in the community crunch, lol. I very much hope Kitalon is correct but I dont feel anything Switch releated is an "almost certainly" as far as support goes. They have done 1 thing to Switch users....strip servers. No patches for long established bugs, no comment or inclusion in the COMMUNITY Crunch. (Every other platform icluding phone gets this) No mention or answer on social media where they like to deflect input on things before they are mentioned here....just some guy Ive never heard of requiring a translation application boardering on rumor suggesting its coming. Im doubtful, I dont feel they care about the switch player base Id happily be wrong, however. It may even make me stop my Monster Hunting & enjoying Marvel Ultimate Alliance & a slew of supported games on SWitch long enough to come back.
  15. Theres been no news on Switch officially. If you read between the lines though that they never discuss that version, havent patched any of the launch glitches, have a 3rd party contractor who worked on the game who say they have improved it reach out to them & get no response, & the only meaningful interaction with the player base in the past 8 months (only interaction at all) was to tell us they are pulling some public servers from us (not that the offer to rent private ones is even an option for Switch players) I think you'll come to the correct conclusion. They dont care. They allready have your money if you bought in early & the game has reviewed so badly (& likely sold so badly as well) they dont really mind if they anger the small player base. We arent worth their time or money to please....or so it seems
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