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    Ark-Nintendo Switch

    Hello, This is a question for the Dev’s. I own Ark and season pass on all platforms and now I bought it on the switch so I can play in my down time at work. My question is, will there be any update to the graphics quality/game performance for the Nintendo Switch version, and will any of the DLC be coming to this system. I love ark and realize that even on other play forms it had a rough start and they still have bugs, but they have come a long way, will this be the same for the Switch? I feel it has the possibility to surpass other versions just due to portability aspect but some improvements to the quality definitely need to be made before it gets there. I’ve tried searching for the answer online but I have yet to see a response from any Devlopers which I find unusual as I’ve seen responses on other platforms, so I’m asking please give us some form of information if we all bought the game and waisted $50+ on it at least have the courtesy of letting us know. Thanks, Dan