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  1. I’m pretty sure it’s a bug. I been all around aberration on my server and then scorched earth on my single player and it all just gives primitive.
  2. So today I updated ark and went on my aberration server. Went to the surface to look for some drops and found several and all was really bad loot, didn’t really think much of it until I saw a red drop coming down and from it I get a pair of promitive climbing picks with 100% weapon damage and 65 durability, same as a normal engram would give me and I also got a blueprint for a primitive sword with 100% weapon damage and 70 durability. So I understood something was wrong, a red drop used to and should give better then that. All drops that I looted only had standard engram quality. This onl
  3. Just open the console if you are playing on single player or on your own server, then type enable ghost by typing cheat ghost and go down to pick up your loot. Then go back to the surface and type cheat walk
  4. Well after I lost my character... twice... I notice that if you defeat overseer and get’s logged out to main menu then you should simply go to scortch earth (next DLC) and your character should appear in there. When you see your character you can go back to main menu and choose the island or which DLC you did play on before and you should find your character there. OBS don’t go to the map you just defeated the overseer on directly because this will for some reason wipe your charachter from existance..
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