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  1. Ah, that’s probably it then. I downloaded the update a day or two before I downloaded the beta.
  2. I’ve been playing the beta and it’s fantastic so far, the kibble rework especially. One question though - has anyone else been having strange issues with dinosaur behaviour? Around my base (I’m playing single player) I have all my dinosaurs not enclosed in any pens because I have turrets to kill any annoying Dilos or Compys, but when a wild dinosaur does manage to attack one of my tames, it aggros my entire pack and they all come to kill the threat. That’s annoying because I have them all set to passive so they should be staying put. I have my Argentavis parked right outside my front door so I can easily hop on it if I need to fly somewhere else but then when something angers another dinosaur it’ll fly off to go kill the threat and it’s really annoying. Is anyone else having this issue? Another issue is that sometimes when I walk over a foundation, those small mineable rock piles, or pieces of driftwood, I get stuck floating in midair for a while before the game realises where the floor is and fixes itself, this can get annoying if I’m running away from a predator or if I’m carrying quickly-perishable things like prime meat back to my base. I don’t remember these things happening at all before I downloaded the beta so I think it has something to do with that. Also a feature I think would be useful are notes, like the recipes, but for what eggs are what sizes, and the actual ingredients in the kibble themselves. It’s annoying having to open up that Google Doc someone posted here just to remind myself. These might already be in the game though, so if they are I just haven’t managed to find them yet :P
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