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  1. The option is there but when I click the 'host' button, it goes to the loading screen but after that it just goes back to the procedural ark menu. https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/3053985636019294772/ According to this Steam page a crucial file was removed in the most recent update? I recently came back to ARK after a while to play around with the procedural map stuff, I know people say it's janky but it seems fun! But now we can't play it at all :C
  2. Ah, that’s probably it then. I downloaded the update a day or two before I downloaded the beta.
  3. I’ve been playing the beta and it’s fantastic so far, the kibble rework especially. One question though - has anyone else been having strange issues with dinosaur behaviour? Around my base (I’m playing single player) I have all my dinosaurs not enclosed in any pens because I have turrets to kill any annoying Dilos or Compys, but when a wild dinosaur does manage to attack one of my tames, it aggros my entire pack and they all come to kill the threat. That’s annoying because I have them all set to passive so they should be staying put. I have my Argentavis parked right outside my front door so I
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