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  1. Acrocanthosaurus = Trex with a baby sail/ spikes (not original enough to justify) Suchomimus = Spino with no sail and small spikes down head/neck (not original enough to justify) Ceratosaurus = Carno with bigger horns (not original enough to justify) Brachiosaurus = bronto as bronto is not a real dinosaur and Brachiosaurus is the actual true dino (not original enough to justify or possibly rename bronto to Brachiousaurus) Mamenchisaurus = bronto with longer neck and slightly bigger, could be argued that titansaur is this (off all your suggestions this has the most weight but still isn't original enough to justify IMO) Saurophaganax = Allo/Carno just a bit bigger (not original enough to justify) Carcharodontosaurus = Slightly smaller Trex (not original enough to justify) Hatzegopteryx = smaller Quetzal that was argued by many to be a Quetzal but only recognized as separate species due to head differences (not original enough to justify)
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