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  1. Well,that's what i meant with start of witg a few simple things,as say mixing a rex with a spino etc such simple stuff,and continue on in the future,but yeah it would take a lot of work,but it would be great to even see a mod that has this and that gets love from it's creator
  2. I'd love to see more big carnivores added to the game ,and i don't think i'm the only one. Of course giving them unique ability's is gonna be hardest to come up with But here are a few suggestions for new large carnivores -ceratosaurus -acrocanthosaurus -saurophaganax -charcaradontosaurus -majungosaurus -metricantosaurus My second idea is Hybrids!,like an tek structure,where you would need 2 dinosaurs in a cryopod,put them in the "hybrid station" and fuse them together Now you can just start of with a few basic hybrids,and add more in the future but this seems very cool and could change both PvE and PvP
  3. Are we ever going to see new dinosaurs added? If so here are some i'd like to see and i'm sure i'm not the only only one; Acrocanthosaurus Suchomimus Ceratosaurus Brachiosaurus Mamenchisaurus Saurophaganax Carcharodontosaurus Hatzegopteryx I think the game is great,but it has a lack of some big predators and adding more dinosaurs to the game is something a lot of us would love to see
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