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  1. Hello I'm here to tell you about my ark journey. I started on my own pve server and after doing many things and learning a lot I decided I wanted to try pvp as I saw this as the true way the game was meant to be played. I didn't like the game before and realized it only got worse with pvp. I started on a very populated server. Not knowing much about it i went day by day trying to get established and day by day everything got destroyed. I kept rebuilding and retaming each day only to be wiped again by people with the best dinosaurs the game had to offer. Well I finally had enough, got smart and moved server. From there me and my small tribe went to a ragnarok server. When we got there it seemed cool but was very laggy. Tried to play but again day by day would have everything killed by the alpha tribes. It was seeming like there was no chance at success in this game. Well we ended up moving to a different server and surprisingly flourished there. I even got further than I had on my own pve server there. We tamed many dinosaurs and a huge variety of them. We had all sorts of things like rex, gigas, wyverns, tusoteuthis, you name it we were taming it. We were friends with multiple tribes and doing very well. Well one day one guy from a mega tribe decided he wanted to break into my stuff. Got some of their good dinos killed and blamed me for their deaths. I had always been cool with this tribe and did nothing offensive towards them. Well after the guy got his stuff killed says I messed up and comes and kills whatever he wants and proceeds to loot NOTHING. He didn't need my items he was just way overpowered and bored I guess. At this point i think i can say I'm truly done with this game and so very happy of it. The game, in my opinion, is poorly made and not well thought through. It was fun at first and was quite exciting running around surviving. Once you realize how evident bugs and glitches are it really makes you wonder how this game got released, yet still made me want to see what the game had to offer. The more you played and the more dinosaurs you tame the smaller the world seem to become. The game loses incredible value once you tame all the dinosaurs and there's seemingly nothing left to do. That's where I thought pvp would come into play. Nope. Nothing but overpowered tribes with overpowered dinosaurs. Every battle takes place on like the top 3 dinosaurs and whoever bred theres the longest wins. It was a huge shame that people didn't just battle on raptor vs raptor or rex vs rex. That doesnt, or at least rarely, exists. It was only 2 or 3 dinosaurs that have practical pvp use. Everything else is just too weak. So this game is pretty much get the best dinos and the best base possible then just pvp from there I guess. And its WAY more time consuming than it seems. Spend 1 hours on a killing spree spend the other 23 hours collecting resources, feeding pets, constructing, etc. This game QUICKLY went from free fun to a huge chore. Most days you'll probably feel like it was a wate of time unless you're out and about able to explore, kill, and pvp. But so much wasted time goes into preparing for being able to do that. I am beyond disappointed with what seemed like could be such a cool game. The developers just keep releasing better things that outmatch your old stuff and cannot get balance. It went from a primitive game with basic dinos, to a futuristic scifi game with lasers and teleportation. If I could sum up my experience it was constant bs with more bs, killing stuff very little and waiting waiting and waiting for rocks to be mined, things to be crafted, dinos to be tamed, to be bred. The amount of effort you have to put into this game just to spend a little time pvping or on your dinosaurs, just to have everything wiped by people who you could never compete with is just not worth it. Buy this game if you want a little dinosaur fun but a HUGE amount of time wasted. Surviving and exploring were fun to me, getting a new dinosaur was cool and fun for a short time, moving up in the ark world felt good. But this game comes down to joining a mega tribe and get the best dinosaur. Any lesser dinosaurs you get are worthless(except for utility) and you'll spend a whole lot of time doing all these chores just for a small amount of "fun time" and more than likely get wiped by people who buy dinosaurs or can never be competed with. Oh last thing I forgot to mention is this game is pay to win. Buy the DLCs get the new best dino and gear, wait for the next doc and repeat. If you've read this play it if you dont mind these things buy you've been warned. *edit* I forgot to mention how poorly things are made, like rafts, I expected to see some awesome raft fights. Heck no more like rafts driving through each other and right through your bases walls. They can put turrets on them and just drive them through walls and shoot what's on the other side. Hella lame reminds me why I'm glad to be done such a poorly made game.
  2. There were turrets all around. They had to be in the sky far enough away or in the water far enough away I checked all the turrets no bullets wasted. the other dinos inside the building were aggroed to a corner.
  3. Thank you for helping me. That might be what happened there is no lava or meteorites but there were a few flying dinos they killed. I'm not sure how they knocked them all out so quickly but one weird thing is my tribe mate died amongst those. He did not have control or command over the dinos either. He was just logged out close to those dinosaurs near water.
  4. They definitely didn't starve and definitely were provoked. Can you drown an argentavis?
  5. Hello, recently a few of my dinos were killed and in the tribe log it tells me that they were killed, but that's it. How can people kill your dinos and you not be able to tell by whom? There were 10 killed in a matter of minutes, I dont see how they could damage that many hit points without a turret or something. My dinos were out in the open, near friendly turrets, and close by water. What does the tribe log tell you and what wont it? What will give away your name and/or tribe and what won't?
  6. I guess that's the best option? I wanted to try pvp and enjoy the game more, but it seems like there's too many no lifers who probably just buy and sell dinosaurs and just pick on beginners because they're that messed up in real life.
  7. "Better than you at pvp" = A guy on a wyvern killing you on a parasaur and destroying everything you have, and not even looting it. These people have serious problems and I imagine youre one of them. Save your money people and buy a game that's worth a penny. This is literally #TheWorstGameEver
  8. How can you? Work many hours building and getting tamed dinosaurs and some nerd comes through on something that overpowers everything you can possibly get and destroys everything. You can be online or offline, it happens every day. Literally. This game is beyond stupid. So poorly made, many bugs/glitches, and so many real life losers, you cannot succeed in this game.
  9. Well I looked It up and this programmer destroys this game worse than I could have imagined. That's obvious have you played that long? Stand still shoot your crossbow and see how many shots you can get off before it refuses to reload or function... it's a joke.
  10. Thank you for taking the time and all the information. I understand what you mean. It did have exciting moments but the bs is too much for me. I wanted to see past it and enjoy it more but it's pretty ridiculous. I feel if I play any more I'll just constantly keep regretting it.
  11. I mean that would be my next move so I could stand a chance, but it's not a solution. I've never raised a wyvern and I would have liked to, but at this point I believe its going to be a huge waste of time. This game is just too buggy and way to poorly thought out/made.
  12. I forgot to mention, this game has these dinosaurs called alpha predators. And one is called an alpha raptor. Alpha predators are just one huge glitch. Getting stuck in them, them getting stuck, stuck attacking nothing or a dead corpse that should get collected. They also dont seem to function properly. They run way faster than you and are much harder than their non alpha counterpart. Whats crazy is I read they were added because people complained the game was too easy. Dont be fooled those people were the ones riding around on gigantosauraus (dino bigger than a t rex) and wyvern.( also people cheat spawn dinosaurs and buy dinosaurs for real money) If you happen to stumble on this post wondering if you should get this game, dont. It can be fun but it's so crap. And dont listen to most of these people defending the game. They get highly offended when you attack something they like and start calling you names.
  13. Thanks for all who replied. I decided to give it another go. Waste of more time. I kind of like the game but it is so bad. When I say everything is glitched I literally mean everything. Even down to just moving your character will get glitched. It's not like these glitches are rare you constantly get glitched its beyond reasonable. This game constantly freezes up (lag I guess but not on my end). On a different note, my 3 friends and I made a tree fort. Tamed 2 Rex, an argentavis, doedicorous, castoroid, iguanadon, phioma, and dilophosaurs. Well less than 24 hours after guys riding high level wyverns came in and killed everything. Fully grown plant species x probably didn't even dent them. I understand people will do that and dinos will die, but that's another thing, you cant even tame wyverns on the island and these insanely stupid creators allow you to bring them in and out match anything you could tame. This game could be awesome if it didn't have the most stupid and amateur people making it.
  14. I HAD to post. I really wouldn't regularly but I really wished someone had warned me. You have no idea what you're talking about by the way. Everything is up to par. I understand you defending the game but you must be really bored in life to think this game deserves anything other than negative feedback.
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