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  1. “Aberrant Strain” ...Friday, March 29tth. 8PM EST, 5PM PST or local equivalent. The Glory Arena is rebuilt, and new foes have been gathered. Will you survive these malformed and strange creatures? Wear your best armor, bring your finest weapons and survive! This event has prizes for all participants, survive and fight! Five waves of enemies with varying degrees of levels and types, culminating with a mini-boss fight. PVE Event as always, simply us against the dinos! Rewards -Admin Colored Dino, any you own. -Arctic Gryphon from our Hatchery -Choice of Animal from Aberrant Theme. -Ascendant Armor or Weapons, Saddles
  2. Always looking for more players to join our community! Active and friendly tribes will lend a hand if needed. Still plenty of space to settle down and build as well. Come check us out!
  3. Our first event was a great success and tons of fun for everyone involved. Congrats to our winners who took home some great prizes! Working on repairing the Glory Arena, which did suffer some damage by the nights end. Scary Giga is Scary.
  4. “For Glory” ...Friday, March 8th. 8PM EST, 5PM PST or local equivalent. The time has come, the moment is at hand. Will you grasp glory or die in the sands of the great arena? The Brackwell Duke has declared an open challenge to all who seek glory and riches. Come and enjoy spectacle, watch as others die for your entertainment! Each you survive will net a reward. -Survive the Mounted Combat. -Survive the Large Team Fight. You may choose which events to partcipate in or not. You can repair armor between your fights. Rewards will be given out at the end. Prepare all would be challengers! Mounted Combat Duos: You will be given a choice between various mounts at the arena to use. No Guns. (Can Go alone if you lack a partner) to take on Wild Dinos. Team Fight: All participating players on foot and all weapons against spawns of Wild Dinos. Rewards -Mounted Combat: Ascendent Saddle. -Large Team Fight: Ascendant Weapon or Armor. Basic Armor and Weapons will also be provided for newer folks on the server. You can also keep them, and I'll provide repairs if you cannot.
  5. Welcome new folks. Mod List and Info updated. Check out our community center!
  6. The server continues to grow! Join our discord to stay in touch, come check us out!
  7. Player is 150, Wild Dino is 300. We certainly are trying to find a balance between the casual and difficult nature, we have players who dont have massive amounts of time to invest; but still wish to be rewarded when they do. So its a bit of a work in progress, we are open to suggestions and actively making changes to try and insure the server runs smoothly.
  8. Community Center's tables locked randomly, this issue has been resolved and functionality of the center is now restored!
  9. Server Info! We have no currently planned server wipes; however after 3 weeks of not logging in we will wipe abandoned player bases to make room for new players. IP: Map: Ragnarok Slots: 30 Uptime: 100% (Or as near to as possible) Server Maintenance every Monday at 6:00 AM Eastern Time. Community Center: 21.9 Lat, 34.7 Long. Viking Bay 3 Spawn Area. Equestrian Center: 20.3 Lat, 44.7 Long. Glory Arena: 80 lat, 80 long. Server Settings! Values are to attempt striking a balance between speed and difficulty. Wild Dino cap: lvl 300 Player lvl cap: 150 Rare Sighting lvl cap 450 2x Experience Gain (4x Kill Experience Gain) 10x Taming Speed 3x Mating Speed 10x Egg Hatch* 50x Baby Mature Speed* 0.7x Baby Food Consumption 5x Harvesting 1.5x Crop Growth Speed 0.7x Player Food Drain 0.5x Player Water Drain Mod List: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1630050601 Presently have 23 mods, go to our collection linked above and download them first! Classic Flyers Cross Aberration Rare Sightings Small Dragons Chief Stacks eco Aberration Decor eco RP Decor eco Garden Decor eco Trees eco Stable Decor RP Visual Storage Upgrade Station v1.8i Structures+ Westeros RP Additions Advanced Rafts SelVision Gryphons Swim Clear Scuba Mask Awesome Teleporters Wardrobe Skins Additonal Lighting Paintable Furniture Paintable Structures and Interior Decor Events! For Glory - Generic Arena Night Aberrant Strain - Aberration Arena Night Phoenix Rising - Scorched Earth Arena Night Tek Evolution - Extinction Arena Night Barreling Barrels - Horse Barrel Racing Equestrian Ambitions - Horse Obstacle Racing Chasing Giants - Boss Fight Night Notes! All Extinction and Aberration Engrams can be obtained. Corrupted Dinos and most Aberrant variants do not spawn presently. Spawn Entries Westeros RP Additions -Horse: Highlands, Grasslands, Badlands -Lion: Green Desert, Badlands, Oasis -Tiger: Jungle Spawn Entries Scorched Earth -Phoenix: Deathsands Spawn Entries Extinction. -Snow Owl: Redwoods, Snow Forest -Gacha: Center, Canyons -Velonasaur: Desert -Gasbags: Grasslands, Highlands -Managarmr: Snow Plains -Scout: Mudslide -Enforcer: Mudslide Spawn Entries Aberration. -Featherlight: Oasis,Redwoods -Bulbdogs: Beaches,Grasslands -Glowbug: Jungle,Oasis -Glowtail: Jungle,Beach -Shinehorn: Redwoods,Highlands -Rockdrake: Deathsands -Ravager: Deathsands -Roll Rat: Jungle,Badlands -Nameless: Castle Cave, Deathsands -Reaper Queen: Castle Cave -Alpha Reaper King: Deathsands -Basilisk,Alpha Basilisk: Swamp,Swamp Water,Deathsands -Karkinos,Alpha Karkinos: Swamp, Desert River Discord Community: https://discord.gg/h6Qwtep Mod List: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1630050601
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