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  1. Community Center's tables locked randomly, this issue has been resolved and functionality of the center is now restored!
  2. Server Info! This Server is new and fresh! Official Launch date: 2/11/2019 We did have a testing phase for stability checks and it is now open to the public! We hope to provide a stable and enjoyable experience. We have no planned server wipes; this will be a very long term place you can play and grow. IP: Map: Ragnarok Slots: 30 Uptime: 100% (Or as near to as possible) Server Maintenance every Monday at 6:00 AM Eastern Time. Community Center: 21.9 Lat, 34.7 Long. Viking Bay 3 Spawn Area. Server Settings! Values are to attempt striking a balance between speed and difficulty. The server is more casual in its resource allocation while maintaining some difficulties elsewhere. Taming and breeding are also altered with an example below showing times, certain animals like the Giga will still take some effort! Settings may alter with balance issues, we are open to suggestions! 4x Experience Gain 4x Taming Speed 3x Mating Speed 10x Egg Hatch* 50x Baby Mature Speed* 0.7x Baby Food Consumption 15x Harvesting** 1.5x Crop Growth Speed 0.4x Player Food Drain 0.3x Player Water Drain *Examples: Argentavis 1h 30m from egg to full adult. Giga 11h 8m egg to adult. Imprinting is adjusted to match the mature speed. **Actual Harvesting rate varies based on resource, Wood/Stone are at 15x, where as Thatch and Fiber are more around 8x. Each is individually set in the INI File. Mod Info! Presently have 16 mods in our collection, we are also open to suggestions! The mods range from cosmetic to game altering. A fun and varied experience! Randomly Colored Dinos* Rare Sightings* Ancient Dragons and Wyverns Chief Stacks 500 Classic Flyers Cross Aberration** ecoTrees Upgrade Station v1.8i Unlock Haircuts and Emotes Structures+ Platforms+ SelVision Gryphons Skins Crafter Wardrobe Skins Castles,Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture *Randomly Colored Dinos has colorsets turned off (vanilla colors) for various dinos allowing for Rare Sightings to remain rare. Default Colors: (Not Random) Direbear, Direwolf, Gryphons, Sabertooth, Mammoth, Beaver, Ovis, Equus. (More I didn't list here) **Cross Aberration: Nameless are turned off for the moment, an issue with them infinitely spawning. We will likely turn them on for a short window of time, as a special server event; allowing the collection of their venom. Notes! While we do not presently have an addon for Extinction, I have added the extinction spawns and engrams in the ini file manually and they have been tested. Engrams will unlock automatically at their default level in Extinction. Search for the Spawns in similar biomes Snow Owl Gacha Gasbags Velonasaur Managarmr Corrupted Variants (Spino, Raptor, etc) Taxidermy Tool's and Tables All Saddles All Weapons Mods: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1630050601