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  1. "SupiriousEvolved" Ark Pvp Ragnarok Server! 8x everything Looking for a server that is boosted but not too high and no use of admin commands? If so join here! We are pvp and just recently created the server. In the future look forward to events that are legit created by me the host! Also we need server donators to help expand the slots and add more maps so please donate. If you wish to contact me, message Mason101playz
  2. Looking for many players to join my island server. It is 10x everything and the stats are boosted. I plan on clustering with Ragnorak soon. Also all donations will only go to help the server and expand it. The server name is UnitetheArk and if you wish to contact me message Mason101playz on xbox. Also our discord link for the server discord is https://discord.gg/xdJnyM
  3. Looking for players to populate my xbox one non dedicated pc hosted server. It is very new so im looking for a lot of people to join. Also if anybody is willing to donate that would be great. The server is 5x and pvp. My gamertag is Mason101plaz if you want to contact me. The server is called UnitetheArk
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