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    Oh well never mind then
  2. arker12


    Buisnesses I think it would be a cool idea to add ways buisnesses in ark can start. Maybe a form of money or storage boxes that you can only put stuff in then the owner can take it all out. There should also be custom signs so buisnesses can have logos. Storage that can give you a sertain amount of items for how much money you put in. Maybe some buffs or something to make higher demand for food.
  3. Servers wont show Me and my friend played ark on crossplay for a few days as i have an xbox and he has a pc. One day before we were about to play he told me none of the servers were showing up. It just said "no sessions found" no matter what we did. We troubleshooted for a while until we couldnt think of anything else to do we both love the game so this is extremely frustrating. Please help.
  4. Wow. Im glad other people agree with me. I thought it was a lot of the comunity that commplained about things they could do no better at but no some people still understand how hard it is to make a video game.
  5. You say your not insulting them. Then you insult them by calling them useless. You cant just put no offense or something infront of everything and make it not an insult
  6. Implementing prim+ would evolve ark: survival evolved into ark: evolved survival evolved. The more evolved's the better. Jk
  7. Allosaurus fall damage You would think that the most scary part about having an allosaurus would be getting it killed by a rex or wyvern but im most afraid of the insane amounts of fall damage they take. Falling off a small cliff can do thousands of damage. I dont want to loose my allo because it fell off a tiny cliff.
  8. There should be a way to view suggestions you have made on your acount by clicking a button insted of searching them up. (Sorry if this already exists as far as i know it doesnt but if it does please make it more obvious)
  9. arker12

    Better pve

    Maybe in pve dinos should have a longer agro distance and more dinos will spawn. Im not sure im corect about this but if you place foundations or pillars it cuts off some dino spawns. If im right this should be removed. I feel like if people cut off all the dino spawns the new players struggle against dinos a lot less and it seems wrong.
  10. Maybe not all items should be in normal ark but definetly things like the floating docks and the rowboat
  11. I cant pick up any wild creatures on with an argy. I can pick up my thylacoleo but as far as i know i cant pick up anything else
  12. arker12

    Malfunktion map

    Malfunktion sound cool make it a free dlc
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