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  1. I play on console so idk,im a solo tribe i built in the pool area over stone hedge but daily i check tribe log stone pillars decay yet i look at them daily i added ladders yesterday cuz i heard it helps but i don't understand too well how to refresh the timer If my pillars decay my whole base will fall
  2. So 500% is fine cuz mu anky was a while bred on merjoberrys cuz im a noob got it up to 400+ melee though if i could stop at 500 that'd save me time thought id have to go to 1k
  3. Im new to pve set up a base yesterday i see timers on other people structures like demolish in 11 days and such i was wondering will my base decay too like when im not on and all my stuff despawn?
  4. Ty for all ur replys really informative
  5. I tamed 3 different anky so far one is lvl 30 with 169% melee a level 81 with 203% melee and a level 204 with 320ish melee Does the melee = more metal so ik how to use them
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