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  1. I play on console so idk,im a solo tribe i built in the pool area over stone hedge but daily i check tribe log stone pillars decay yet i look at them daily i added ladders yesterday cuz i heard it helps but i don't understand too well how to refresh the timer If my pillars decay my whole base will fall
  2. So 500% is fine cuz mu anky was a while bred on merjoberrys cuz im a noob got it up to 400+ melee though if i could stop at 500 that'd save me time thought id have to go to 1k
  3. Im new to pve set up a base yesterday i see timers on other people structures like demolish in 11 days and such i was wondering will my base decay too like when im not on and all my stuff despawn?
  4. Looking for the best and fastest wood gatherer need to build a base but takes to long farming with hatchet i have a stego and trike but they don't cut it i wanna tame one just for gathering wood but idk which dino is best
  5. Ty for all ur replys really informative
  6. I tamed 3 different anky so far one is lvl 30 with 169% melee a level 81 with 203% melee and a level 204 with 320ish melee Does the melee = more metal so ik how to use them
  7. I love the game so far its hard but pretty fun but i have no freinds an new and people dnt really talk to me on 870 some are nice and speak a lil theresva few spots for free gear but otherwise than that im all solo a noob trying to get the hang of a game lol
  8. U snap pillars on top of each other over and over i did it at stone hedge when i found the pool area free just make sure ur above the water cuz i couldn't place things even though i was above it claims is underwater so maybe go 1 pillar above and u can build on the rock side at stone hedge pool so can attach em both if u wanna try it there
  9. I know ill keep at it just depressing to not have had any back up gear all i had was a back up raft all the way at herb so ill have to grind the next few days for everything back ty for advice too
  10. Thanks for the help but might just switch the map called ragnarok and try there aplha raptor destoryed my raft through the foundations lost all my hard work alot of good stuff from my non stop grinding now despawaned... First time was the alpha whale at the herb island now an alpha raptor by stone hedge the island is dangerous ?
  11. I have a raft base atm i was able to grind up to lvl 59 in a few days got the metal armour and a low level flying dino can kill some medium sized dinos and understand basics just needba place ro put all my things and start maybe taming the dinosaurs
  12. Hello! Im new to ark started on a pve server now playing on xbox the island Need a base but everywhere i like is spammed with pillars was wondering if i can build on a cliff with pillars and ceilings if possible so i can find a loophole through the spam
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