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  1. Yeah, it's weird because I never changed my settings. Like I said in my post, I even deleted my saved data multiple times and started fresh and everytime I get the negative engrams points.
  2. I recently purchased Ark: SE for my PlayStation 4 and enjoyed it until I ran into a huge bug that apparently hasn't been fixed in YEARS. I only play on single player and I never alter any of the sliders or options. The first time it happened I was level 15 and noticed a negative amount on my engrams points number. I don't remember the exact number but it was -15 for example. Leveling up helps it because you're effectively gaining points to go over the negative amount back into the positive amount but that also means you're LOSING points because of this. This game takes a ton of time to invest into it and for something like this to occur, it boggles my mind on how this glitch still exists. After researching it, I see people conclude two reasons for the glitch. Either you were in a game that contained different settings and you switched to another or you altered your own settings. I haven't done either. I even tried to test this by deleting all my saved data for the game which makes the game start fresh as if it's never been played in fear that I altered the settings by mistake and it somehow caused my game to glitch. I've done this 4 times and all 4 single player files I created, my points go into the negative at some point early on. A solution would be to use the mind wipe thing but I would have to deal with this glitch until a high level to craft it or edit my settings to level extremely fast and make the game garbage. Does anyone know what's causing this and why is this glitch being ignored? There's instances of this happening over 3 years ago on all platforms including PC. Did I seriously just waste money?
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