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  1. And therein lies the problem. I do use it and enjoy that feature, but I do also consider how this would feel from the point of view of someone who is playing on official servers. The bottom-line for me is that options like that should not be needed and neither should many of the tricks of the trades which are used to circonvent the limits of the building system. For that mater, many of those "tricks of the trades" very much feel like they are bugs which went unaddressed for so long that they might as well be features of the game.The fact that they are needed shows just how much work is still needed to get the building system in a good place. The snap system in this game is particularly horrible. The entire structure will shift one way or another unless you put up a wall facing the exact direction that you were facing when you placed your first foundation. It's even worse on boats and platforms where the green overlay will just start dancing all over the place making it a nightmare to line up anything. I just don't understand how that's a thing. It can be used up to some point in order to create interesting architectural details, but for the most part, it's just going to create gaps in between walls, be a pain and make you rage as you take down what you just built and rebuild it. This update is a good opportunity to go back and fix those issues once and for all. It is my hope that they will do more then merely implement S+ and will actually address some of those longstanding issues.
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but what we see in that perticular picture requires "Disable Structure Placement Collision".
  3. I'm having a hard time understanding some parts of your post. You definitely should take the time to read yourself before you post. You should try making shorter phrases. The general rule of thumb is that if an idea can stand on it's own, then it should be a separate phrase. Anyhow, to address some of what you are saying... S+ does have gates which can be used with slopped ceilings. They haven't been implemented in the current beta, but the devs have said that S+ would be implemented in stages. As far as raising or lowering foundations goes, there's a trick to doing that. There's plenty of Youtube videos out there that show how to do that. As for the last part, that can also be done with what we already have. If done right, the gap just about disappears completly, and the best part is that it can be done without having to enable the "Disable Structure Placement Collision" option. Here's how it's done: Build your floor on pillars Put one wall so that you can see where to line up your fence foundation Attach a ladder to your ceiling, climb partway, look down and enable K mode. Line up and place your fence foundation. Rotate your camera around as needed to until you are happy with the placement. Build down your wall as far as you want to go, then build the rest of it up from your fence foundation. The order is important because the bottom one will clip the top wall without problem, but the reverse does not work. It's not perfect, but it does work better then the poor excuse for a fence support that is implemented in the beta. Even the S+ version is quite the misbehaved child. It really just needs to be scrapped in favor of something like a foundation wall as I've suggested in one of my earlier post. Even without "Disable Structure Placement Collision", clipping is definitely possible. You just have to know how to do it. Here's another, slightly more involved version of this:
  4. Read enough Reddit threads, and it won't be long before you find someone complaining that a certain server is dino capped. Yeah, that's a thing on official. Once that cap is reached, it's simply impossible to tame a new dino. If anything, the kibble rework will reduce the amount of extra dino peoples need to keep around just so that they can get kibble, which in the end, can't even be used past a certain point. The current system with the limitations imposed by the game is self defeating.
  5. I've been doing some thinking about the HP of triangle foundations. I beleive they should have the same amount as square foundations for a simple reason. In PvP, the lower HP of triangle foundations would make them undesirable. What you would essentially be doing, is adding a construction piece to the game which encourages creativity and then creating a situation where it would, for the most part, only be used in PvE. The same is valid for all other triangle pieces. That just doesn't feel right. As for tall walls, I'm not sure that they should make it to live. The lowered HP does create a tradeoff situation in PVP where taking down that wall creates a bigger hole, but it still has more HP then a regular wall. However, it also has an impact on other things, such as platform saddles where you would be able to create structures which were unimaginable before the inclusion of S+ in the game. They definitely have a far larger impact on balance then triangles do.
  6. It also happens with rocks, trees and a whole host of other random things, but you are right about one thing. I was several months without playing Ark before the new year. I did find ways of getting stuck back during the summer, but it wasn't anywhere near as frequent as it has become nowadays. Getting stuck back then was more a case of I've managed to find that one hole in the decor which is just too deep for me to be able to get out of it without killing myself or using the fly / ghost commands. It's definitely a bug which was introduced in one of the more recent patches, but it's definitely not beta specific. Anyhow, for the time being, I've reverted back to the vanilla version because the beta version just doesn't play nice with the S+ mod. There's a number of S+ structures which haven't been implemented into the beta which I just can't do without. I really hope that when the beta goes live, it doesn't completly break S+ Right now, the S+ structures from the mod itself don't have any snap points in the beta. Also, I've noticed that I'll end up with several copies of the engrams in my list. There's obviously something very wrong going on here. It's somewhat sad, because I'm happy to see those S+ structures coming to live, but there are plenty of S+ features which I use a lot and would hate to see go, such as the ability to pull the stuff I need to craft. Past a certain point, you just start having so much stuff that sorting your inventory and moving your stuff around starts to consume more and more of your time, thus reducing the amount of time that you spend actually playing the game. Even a small base can easily have a cost that will soar in the tens of thousands of basic materials. Things can get seriously out of hand really quickly. This is a game, not an inventory management system and I want to spend my time discovering the map, hunting dinos, and building things.
  7. That bug isn't specific to the beta version. I also get it quite a lot on the live version.
  8. Notice how the default foundations aren't as high as the block version. As you can see, here, I snapped a foundation slightly over the edge of a cliff which leaves a gap under it. I think the height of the default foundation should be adjusted. Assuming that the block version is exactly like the S+ version, it should be exactly one wall high. And please, let them stack like the S+ do. It would help a lot with uneven terrain. If you must, impose a limit, 2 or 3 high enough for most cases.
  9. I played a bit more with foundations today. I think it's already been said but, you really need to adjust the snap point for regular foundations. With triangle foundations, when placing a ceiling, it snaps flush, at the same height. With regular square foundations, the ceiling places slightly above. There's no practical reason for this height difference, and when mixing triangle and square foundations, the difference would end up being a visible eyesore. While you are at it, the snap point for pillars also needs to be adjusted. It has always annoyed me how the pillars shows up through ceilings which are snapped on top of pillars. An adjustment of a single unit should be all it takes to fix that issue. I'll also note that the S+ variant of pillars wasn't included in the beta. I don't really like the way the texture tiles on those, but i'm otherwise quite partial to S+ pillars since they are exactly one wall in height. That makes them very convenient.
  10. I do make use of the S+ mod a lot in single player. A lot of what I'm noticing in the feedback here very much feels like this is still very incomplete and possibly an almost direct copy of the S+ code. There are some videos out there of peoples building sideways with the new beta S+ structures. With the S+ mod, it's actually possible to fully invert a ceiling tile. You need to fix that before it reaches live. I'm guessing that just about every issue that exist with S+ will also be found in this beta. One of the things that I would like to see make it's way to official is the corner snap points on ceiling and foundations for pillars. Right now, you have to use fence foundations to achieve this effect. You don't have to do that with S+. It's just a small quality of life improvement. The extra wall snap that the fence foundation adds can really create a lot of trouble for the rest of the build if you mistakenly snap to it. Stackable foundations really need to be a thing. I'm building on the island right now, and other then the pillar and a few beaches, there are very few areas of flat land to be had anywhere. Even the beaches which do look flat often have just enough land deformation that you are forced to compromise. You end up having to build on pillars in quite a few areas. Since you can't clip walls into the terrain, it tends to leave an ugly gap at the bottom. There's nothing more frustrating then having a vision in your mind of what you want to build and being unable to realize it. Stackable foundations would resolve this issue once and for all. Ramps and stairs... Why 2 different engrams? Why? A single engram with the option to switch style works well enough. Fence Supports... They are proving to be a pain to work with. The snap that I'm most likely to use as a player is the one which is at a 180 angle and that should be the first one shown. It's not. Also, they are proving to be easily as bad to work with as foundations in any terrain which is even slightly uneven. They very much feel like they were made to work in an environment where no-clip is enabled. Regular fence foundations are better behaved then those things. They actually snap uphill although the wall would be uneven, but that's something that can actually be corrected with a little know-how. As it is, fence supports don't feel all that useful. Can't we just get a foundation wall for this purpose? That would be the most likely use of Fence support. I think that's the better option to achieve the desired effect without having to activate no-clip and without ending up with unsightly gaps. Other quick comments... Half Walls need to be a thing. Railings on a stair feel really odd right now. Could you make it like the S plus railing where it actually angles properly if snapped to a ramp? Storages boxes and other related items should be made to snap to each other much like in S plus. It would make placement so much easier. Also, while you are working with structures, can you please fix the unsightly gap between the Sloped Wood Wall Left and Sloped Wood Wall Right? I noticed that one almost as soon as I picked up the game and it's been an eyesore ever since.
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