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  1. What do I do when staff is mean and don’t contact me. On day 1006, 03:47:11 on the new map Valguero 548 my beh gates and almost all our pillars with ladders was removed. The Beh gates was part of a base I was building at 60.9 36.3 the gates was unlocked and my base was going to be built above the gates but now the pillars I had placed their for all the ceiling are mostly gone from the delete and the land I claimed has been claimed by others now by the pond in the redwoods. The tribe I’m in now is made up of three tribes that has a joint base for boss fights then our own personal bases. How I was going to build the base was so players could still have access to ride their dinosaurs through just wish the staff could have at least check the gates they was always unlocked and the doors was open when I logged off last night 12am centralUS time and I got on around 11:30am today. I’m just sad. In the log it said Blocking others from building is against the code of conduct.
  2. Can someone tell me what this means that mana will take damage equal to flyers. And does this mean they take fall damage too? I have 4hrs before this darn update is finished slow data speed sucks. Thank you for your time.
  3. Old kibble Does not tame right tried old dodo kibble on pteranodon and only 1.3% taming on a lv20 that’s just a waste.
  4. Wonder why it was not working for me then I’m on extinction may have been a bug lol
  5. The items were already placed before update I was waiting for the wiring from patch to connect to power but they are on with out the electric cord same as the fridges. They were not on before the update and the tek gen has been in the same plac.
  6. Not with out electric on official
  7. runs on tek gen and so does chem benches now ?
  8. Ok that was what I needed to know thanks I wonder when they will fix that.
  9. I heard that when cryopod Dino with ASC saddle with full crafting speed you can get 150’s saddles on it. So when the weekly reset to turn items to lower stats do you keep the 150 or will it go back to the 120’s saddle like the game designed it to.
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